First Pony(tail)

Maya was bald for the longest time.

Even looking back at her 1-year photo shoot pics from January, she still had practically no hair.

Around February or so, it started to come in — thickening, but growing down into a little rat’s tail of sorts. But I didn’t want to bring her in for a haircut yet — I wanted it to grow out vs. just down first.

And I couldn’t wait to get her soft blond hair into pigtails and ponytails!

While home in N.J. in June, my mom and sister helped me give her her first Pebbles ‘do with a clip. It was adorable, but she still didn’t have enough hair for a real pony.

Or so I thought.

Imagine my surprise when I went to pick her up at daycare yesterday and found a lil pony in her hair!!! I literally paused at the entrance and cried. Not sad tears or jealous tears [that her teacher had made her first pony] but more like “Oh my gosh my baby is not a baby” tears. She looked like a LITTLE GIRL.

As soon as she saw me she came running over yelling “Mommy!,” gave me her usual double-dimpled grin, and then turned and ran away to sit on a chair in the corner and “hide.”


After I caught my breath (seriously, I was ridiculous and I’m sure her teachers think I’m crazy!) I went over to hug her hello and couldn’t get over what a big girl my peanut looked like with that lil pony!!

Just that one simple change made her look like a kid. Not a baby.

I know she’s growing up, but sometimes I wish time could just stand still.

Guess it’s time to invest in some toddler-sized ponytail holders now …

All grown up!


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