Olympics Observation

Like many people around the world, we’ve been watching lots and lots of Olympics coverage. While I admire each and every one of the athletes (and of course am rooting for Team U.S.A.), I’m personally most interested in gymnastics — probably because I took gymnastics and dance lessons growing up and happen to find it the most interesting of all the Olympic sports.

One thing I noticed was that while sitting here in front of the TV watching the coverage, I’ve been doing quickie ab workouts and lifting weights (both of which I’ve slacked off with since becoming pregnant with Maya — back in 2010. Oops).

And, I’ve not been noshing.

Not that I normally nosh in front of the TV — I don’t (unless it’s watermelon — mmmm). Usually I wander into the kitchen to get something like a glass of water, or to wash some dishes, and end up eating a spoonful of peanut butter, a handful of grapes, or a piece of dark chocolate. Nothing too terrible–but it’s the whole idea of eating not out of hunger but rather habit or “just because.”

But for whatever reason, watching the Olympics, I’m not tempted to nosh and am tempted to squeeze in a little extra fitness. Which makes me think we’re conditioned to some things, and our environment/outside influences matter. Seeing fit, healthy (read as: people who fuel and nourish their bodies–not just what we’re used to seeing in magazines) is inspiring. I don’t want to be an Olympian — nor do I want to live some crazy strict lifestyle — but I can find motivation to make small changes, which might even help me lose my lil C-section pooch. (Ha).

Nonetheless, it got me thinking … if I feel more compelled to work out and not mindlessly munch during the Olympics, do others feel the same?

How about you? When you watch the Olympics, do you find yourself more apt to make healthy choices or does it not have an impact?


One thought on “Olympics Observation

  1. I could have sworn I read an article awhile back that discussed a correlation between watching fitness-related programming and our own eating habits, but I can’t for the life of me remember where. I do agree though. I’m more likely to think before snack while watching the Olympics or So You Think You Can Dance or other similar programming.

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