What I’m Loving Right Now …

This …

She has been saying her own version of “thank you” for months now when we give her milk and stuff (trying to teach manners!!) but it always sounded like grunts, “ang oo” … and tonight, for whatever reason, it suddenly sounded clear as day [to us]. It was pretty funny–before I got it on video, she had been running around yelling it and we finally realized that’s what she meant! It’s incredible how quickly she is changing and growing up before our eyes. She really is a little person now — and it’s only just beginning.

And this … “Que te pica” — we’d done this song in Zumba eons ago, and this weekend my instructor brought it back out on both Saturday and Sunday. The whole class was thrilled both days– it’s a universal fave around here. I was still on a Zumba high today after class so I showed Maya some of my moves and she was loving it. I cannot WAIT until she is 3 and can start ballet! (I started at 2 in N.J., but here in Michigan, all the classes start at 3 — harrumph!)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night and the Olympics!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine w


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