Can’t Stand the Cuteness!

I had every intention of writing an actual blog post about something substantial, but it’s 100 degrees out and I had Zumba tonight and just want to shower and go to sleep. Plus, it’s almost midnight.

So instead, I leave you with this little video from earlier in the week.

As you can imagine, I take a bajillion Maya pics and vids, but only share a few on my YouTube channel. Call me crazy … I can’t get enough! I know it’s probably wrong to think your kid is the cutest, but isn’t she just precious?!

Ignore the fact that I am 100% tone deaf …

And don’t think I didn’t catch that she shakes her head at the end because she doesn’t want me to sing any more, either … Stinker.



2 thoughts on “Can’t Stand the Cuteness!

  1. That is SO CUTE! I hadn’t thought to do the Thumbkin song with Nate. I’ll have to give it a try.

    Yesterday Nate was playing with stickers and put a huge one over my mouth. Hrmph. I guess sometimes they prefer to do all the talking. lol

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