Happy Father’s Day …

(I realize I’m a few days early but I won’t have time to blog this weekend!)

To the two most important men in my life: my own dad, and my husband–who I am adoring watching be a dad — Happy Father’s Day!!!

Truly, I don’t know where I’d be without each of you. Dad, you helped shape me and gave me wings … and Luis, you’ve helped me grow and given me a nest. I wouldn’t be who I am without each of you … and I love you both enormously.

Dad, I wrote this ode to you a few years ago and those words are as true today as then, if not truer. I love you so much!

Luis, you are not only an amazing man and husband, but you’re an incredible and patient dad and partner. In our house, it’s very much an equal partnership when it comes to parenting, and I love that you change diapers and encouraged me to nurse even when it was so, so hard. You’ve been my rock and my support and I love you all the stars in the sky …

Happy Father’s Day to you both!
Me and my dad in Jamaica for his surprise 60th birthday vacation (April ’12)

Can’t you just picture them on her wedding day? My heart melts … there’s nothing like a daddy and his little girl … especially when that daddy is Luis and that little girl is Maya! (Pic snapped at a family wedding in Mexico City, May ’12).

To all the dads out there … Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!


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