Say “Cheese!”

Like her daddy, Maya LOVES cheese. As in, can’t get enough of it. All kinds. She’s a total cheese-head.

Luis was gone all week for work travel, so it was just me, Maya and Rocco holding down the fort. Tonight at dinner, I asked Maya where her cheese was. She pointed at it and then, for the first time, actually tried to say “cheese.” Multiple times.

Granted, it doesn’t sound exactly right — more like “sheeysh” but hey, she’s learning! With a little practice, she’ll get it.

Luis was coming home tonight, and I couldn’t wait to share her new (attempt at a) word. We picked him up at the airport at 7:30 and I wish I could have caught his reaction on camera — he was totally grinning ear to ear. She is TOTALLY his girl! 😉 (Unfortunately she was sound asleep in her car-seat so he’ll have to wait til tomorrow to hear it).

We’ll keep practicing. Though she used to say “nana” for banana, I just had to chuckle that one of her first food words is “cheese.”

That’s our girl … 17 months tomorrow … where is the time going!?


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