Pediatrician Says … Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease!!!

Well, at least Maya’s fever wasn’t for nothing …

In addition to the fever — which we’ve been trying to keep at bay — she was tired and barely wanted to eat. Last night we noticed some red splotches and bumps on her skin. Being up to date on all her vaccinations, I couldn’t even begin to fathom what this was. So first thing this morning, I called the pediatrician’s office to set up an appointment. I had talked to my best friend on the phone and was explaining the symptoms and she said it sounded like hand, foot and mouth disease. I was like, “What?!”

Sure enough … yup!! It’s been going around and it’s usually a summer illness but with the spate of warm weather we have had, there has been an outbreak in our city and when I called daycare to give them the heads-up, they were super-appreciative and said they had another case confirmed today in her class plus a few kids were sick, so clearly it’s going around. What sucks is she showed no signs of even not feeling well — until the fever hit.

I’m just glad I listened to my mother’s intuition and brought her to the doctor at the onset instead of waiting it out. She can’t go to daycare tomorrow and there is no medicine or anything for it — just treat the fever, and give her lots of liquids to stay hydrated and let her eat whatever she can eat. Today, she had some soup and that’s about it. She played with her breakfast and lunch and threw most of it on the floor for Rocco — which isn’t untypical for a toddler to do, but Maya likes to eat … and clearly, she wasn’t feeling good. ;(

Anyway, just a warning to other parents … this is going around!


2 thoughts on “Pediatrician Says … Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease!!!

  1. Ughh! My son had this last summer. He got a lot of ulcers in his mouth and at 15 months of age went back to almost exclusive nursing for a couple of weeks. I hope it passes quickly for your daughter.

    1. Isn’t it awful? You feel so bad for them, and there’s nothing you can do!!! Poor baby … thank you. She’s in the clear now but it was a pretty tough week.

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