My dream has come true … I’ve been published on a major website —! Check out my post, “So Close, But So Far: My daycare’s webcam was a blessing and a curse” here.

I have another post going live mid-May, but just had to share my excitement with you, my readers! The post went up while I was on vacation in Jamaica and I was so geeked to see it up when we got back.

I have a ton to share about our trip — surprising my dad for his 60th birthday with my whole family, traveling with a toddler — how it’s changed since her first flight at 6 weeks (this trip made a grand total of 26 take-offs and landings for this kid!), the food at the all-inclusive resort (which was a-ma-zing), beach body image, letting go, the stress over wiping out my camera’s memory card …

Unfortunately, it’ll have to wait since I am exhausted, under the weather, and have a mound of laundry staring at me. For now, I’ll just leave you with these pics … let’s just say it was a phenomenal trip and I miss my family enormously! It was, in a word, amazing.



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