Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day

What a joke, seriously. International Women’s Day? HA… we women are being screwed left and right. It must be “Hate Women Week” or something, and it’s absolutely disgusting.

In the past week:

– Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown University law student activist a “slut” — simply because she advocated that insurance companies should cover contraception. (He subsequently issued an “apology” … what a joke).

-News came out yesterday about a bill in the Wisconsin state Senate that, if passed, would declare women who are single mothers or living together but unmarried “child abusers.

– Today, word on the street is a Kansas abortion bill would levy a sales tax on women seeking the procedure — regardless of the reasoning behind the woman’s decision …  including instances of rape!

And now Jezebel shared this gem: the Arizona state Senate wants to make it legal for doctors to lie to their patients about birth defects to “prevent abortions.” WTF?! I think no matter what side of the pro-life/pro-choice aisle you stand on, you can see why this law is absolutely heinous: it completely violates the Hippocratic Oath physicians live by!

Pardon my language but what the @#!@ is wrong with America?!

I’m absolutely beside myself right now and don’t know where to turn my anger, except to write here on my blog. Lord knows I’d never vote any of these whackjobs into office anyway, but besides voting …what else can we do?? Canada is looking better and better …

Let me address all four lunacies, because that’s what they are. Lunacies and abominations.

1) Contraceptives are used for a myriad of reasons, birth control being only one of them. As someone noted to me, Viagra, what Rush was busted with, is only used for one reason and one reason only … And calling someone a slut simply because they use contraception is just vile … wrong … disgusting.

2) Considering the fact that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce anyway (resulting in single-parent households), how can one argue that single mothers or unmarried couples who co-habitate (straight or gay) — and are in healthy, committed relationships — are committing a form of “child abuse?” WTF? I just don’t get it. If a parent (or parents) can love and provide for their children, what the frick difference does their relationship status make?!

3)  A sales tax for women who get an abortion — even those who are raped?! This isn’t a freaking shopping spree, for crying out loud! To quote some of my college BFFs .. “I don’t know what to do with that.” So. Disgusted.

4) I’ve always been pro-choice .. and still feel it’s every woman’s right what she does with her body, period. But my own views were put into question during my pregnancy. When we found out there was possibly something wrong at that initial ultrasound and had to sit down and face the possible hard, cold facts with a genetics counselor and endure all kinds of (physically and emotionally) painful testing … I wasn’t sure I could ever make such a decision and prayed to God I wouldn’t need to. We’d heard her heartbeat; saw her wiggling on the screen. She was real; a part of me, a part of us … and I realized then and there that there was just no way I could have made a decision either way. As it turned out, Maya was totally healthy and OK … but our OB and perinatologist were completely up-front with us about what we could be up against from the very start — and for that, I’m grateful. Beyond grateful. They provided us with all the information we needed and the rest was up to something bigger than us. Point being, we KNEW there could be something wrong. And had there been something wrong, we would have had a good seven months (by that point) to prepare ourselves: emotionally, financially, etc.

I can’t believe in 2012, there is a war raging against women. The suffrage movement was clearly just the beginning, and it seems we women have a lot of work cut out for us. Pray to God these bills don’t get passed … and to my friends in Arizona, Wisconsin and Kansas … I’m sorry.

This is not the kind of world in which I want to raise my daughter …

How about you? Are you are appalled and disgusted as me? What can we do?


2 thoughts on “Happy f#@$!@ International Women’s Day

  1. A-effing-men. (no “men” pun intended… but since it’s there…)

    I keep saying that I find myself wanting to run into the street screaming, “Where have all the smart people gone?” I am overwhelmed by the sheer volume of this kind of thing going on. You didn’t even mention what’s going on at Columbia/Barnard (have you read about that?). It just keeping piling up. (Rick Santorum, anyone?) I’m just… baffled. Furious and baffled. Disgusted… but baffled. It make me seriously consider moving. *sigh*

    1. LOL Candice. Seriously, this makes me ill. I totally forgot to mention THAT shitstorm … Ugh, seriously. And don’t even get me on Santorum … I’m just nauseous thinking about how heinous this country is becoming.

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