Real Post-Partum Bellies

I showed you my real post-partum belly seven weeks after Maya was born, hoping to show what a non-airbrushed, non-celeb belly looks like.

This week, put out a request for people to share their post-partum bellies on their Facebook wall or email them to an editor.

I figured, what the heck and submitted mine to the collection. Today the pic went up.

It was so cool to see myself amid all the other post-baby bellies of all different shapes and sizes. Truly, pregnancy is an amazing and beautiful thing. Though my vertical linea negra is gone, my C-section scar is still there, albeit fading … a reminder of how Maya came into this world through a tiny 4-inch incision.

So there you have it. The girl afraid — even at her thinnest — to be seen in a bikini … posted a pic of her post-partum tummy for the world (read as: Babble community) to see.

If you’d like to share  a pic of YOUR post-partum belly, please email The more the merrier!

Oh and in other exciting news, Maya was chosen as The Bump’s Baby of the Week this week! Check her out here. (She’s their Facebook profile pic this week!) So proud! 🙂


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