Mysteries of the Scale

Confession: I have gone over my Points religiously for the past three months (to the tune of 40, 50, 60 Points OVER the allotted amount). And I have barely worked out. I completely expected a 5-7 lb gain, based on how my clothes had been fitting.

Yet the scale tells me I have lost 2.2 lbs since my last weigh-in in September. WTH, right?!

Well, while this sounds nice — “Weight loss while eating a ton more and barely exercising? Sign me up!” this is definitely not the case.

You see, thanks to the past two months of not really caring about making better choices or being diligent about working out, my “skinny pants” are getting a tad snug … a stark reminder that weight does not necessarily equate thinness or health. Knowing what I know about weight loss, it’s plain to see I’ve not lost body fat but clearly lost muscle mass — between having a baby, cutting down on exercise, and eating too much junk, I’ve expanded a bit … even though the scale tells me otherwise.

Which is to say … do not listen to the scale as the be-all end-all. I’ve been on both sides of the coin — weighing more than most people would guess (because I was lean and fit) and now … weighing less than maybe I’d guess I do … but finding some of my clothes a smidge on the snug side.

The only real benefit of checking out the scale today is I’m also getting measured tonight for my h.s. BFF’s wedding in April — so I have something tangible to work from in the coming months (weight and measurements). Also, we have a very exciting family trip coming up — also in April — to a tropical destination and I’d like to feel better in my own skin. I don’t expect to be rocking a bikini come April or anything (hell to the NO), but I would like to feel somewhat confident on the beach and in my bridal gown … and, who knows, maybe even in my “skinny pants” …

The way I look at it, we leave April 11. That leaves me 3.5 months to work some magic.

How about you? Have you ever been surprised by a scale reading? When it comes to weight loss success, what do you put more emphasis on — clothing size or scale reading?



3 thoughts on “Mysteries of the Scale

  1. I totally feel you! I weigh only a couple pounds more than I did before I got pregnant, but my pre-pregnancy clothes are way too tight and I don’t like the way I look in pictures. I had much more lean muscle mass back then. I was OK with it for two years because I just wasn’t focused on my body, but now I’m finally ready to make a change.

  2. I hate being a slave to the scale … its just the quickest way to see change. Unfortunately, my scale has gone up as my muscle mass has and that’s tough for me … but I do like feeling like I’m more toned than skinny flab. The more I see discussions about skinny fat people, the more I’m apt to keep doing what I’m doing regardless of the number not meeting my hopes and dreams.

    You can definitely make good progress by April! That’s a totally worthwhile reason to focus on healthy eating!

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