Precious Moment

Now that I’m done nursing and Maya is busy asserting her independence (read as: Mama’s arms are NOT where she wants to be 24/7), while many awesome moments happen with her each day, the intimate moments of her early months don’t happen on a daily basis anymore. So when they do happen, I need to take note, as they are supremely memorable.

Case in point: this weekend. The scene: Monday, DecemberĀ  1:55 PM. We were in her chair, I was rocking her to nap … and I just teared up looking at her, so small and soft and sweet and serene in my arms … I felt like we saw each other … like never before … Like wholly and completely – a bond unique to us. We’ve had our share of moments, for sure … but this … this was different. I think because her cognition is obviously different now at one year than it was at one day, one month, or even nine months. And I know it’ll only get better … stronger.

So there I was, crying … and she – no joke – peered up at me with those big slate-blue eyes and gently wiped the tears from my face with her teensy fingertips…

It was the absolute sweetest thing ..

But the story doesn’t end there! Alas, a minute later, dear sweet Maya poked me in the tear-filled eyes … and laughed at me. Totally busted out in giggles, her dimples widening deep in her chubby ‘lil cheeks.

Truth is, I wouldn’t change that moment for anything … even with that ending. In fact, maybe the story is better because of the ending … either way, it was one of our special moments and I hope never to forget it.

How is it possible to love someone so small–and so new to this world–so much??? …Seriously … I’m bewildered — each and every day.


2 thoughts on “Precious Moment

  1. I can’t count the number of times sitting in the glider with Nate brings tears to my eyes. There’s something about those moments with the little person who grew inside you

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