Swelling with Pride

Some weekends are just epic; this was truly one of the epic ones!

We had Maya’s first birthday party on Saturday (so fun!!) and then today — her birthday — was Luis’s graduation from the University of Michigan.

[Insert Michigan fight song … GO BLUE!]

Talk about a special day to graduate … ! After 3.5 years of craziness, mucho stress, 90-min each way commutes several times a week, countless hours spent on conference calls and studying … Luis is a Wolverine and proud holder of an MBA. Way to go, hubby!

He has always wanted to go to grad school and I remember him telling me, “People can take your clothes, your car, your job, your house … but they can’t take away your education. And it’s true … they can’t. I am so very proud of him — literally, swelling with pride as I type this! — and look forward to what our future holds. For now, we aren’t going anywhere … but we will see what opportunities arise in the coming months. We’d love to get back East someday …

Anyway, the birthday girl was totally fascinated by Luis’s tassel and clapped throughout the ceremony at all the appropriate times. It was hilarious–she was so excited to participate with the audience!! She behaved pretty well during the two-hour ceremony (she talked throughout most of it …!) and then afterwards we celebrated with dinner.

I’m beyond exhausted and cannot BELIEVE this day is finally here … Maya is ONE and Luis is done with his MBA. It’s like there’s this whole open road in front of us now … that one-year milestone is a huge one, and being done with school … priceless!!!

I love these two people so very much … and wouldn’t be who I am without them. Thank you for you!


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