Third Time’s the Charm

I stayed home from work today with Maya today and felt pretty discouraged to see her still in so much discomfort and pain. 😦 She still isn’t herself, and it breaks my heart.

She’s like her newborn self — easily dozing off anywhere and for any increment of time (be it 20 minutes or 2 hours). It’s like the days before she had mobility — she just lays in mama’s arms…til she feels the urge to move, that is! But in all seriousness, she spent most of the day snuggled with me, standing at her “work station,” or in her bed. I’m selfishly cherishing this time because I know she won’t always want to snuggle with me. She’s eating, but not her normal amounts. [I’m paranoid about dehydration so I’m checking to make sure she is having plenty of wet diapers — just like when she was a newborn].

Shortly before her doctor’s appointment this afternoon, I noticed a splotchy red rash all over her neck, shoulders and belly … AWESOME. One more thing to add to the list of ailments poor Maya was facing — especially since the wheezing and coughing has gotten worse.

Turns out it’s roseola, common post-fever … and not really treatable. The doctor was also upset to see her ear was still so inflamed — meaning the second antibiotic didn’t work either. Seriously?!

This explains why she was still pulling at her ears, why she was up from 2-4 AM crying on and off in obvious pain, and why she still had a touch of a fever and still wasn’t herself. Poor girl has been on drugs since Thursday and none had worked. 😦

So now she is on Augmentin and hopefully THAT will work  … maybe third time’s the charm? All I know is we need to get this ear infection under control. The ear infection led to the fever which led to the seizure. So we really need something to work.

We’re keeping her home from babyschool again tomorrow — she isn’t contagious or anything, but given her compromised immune system, we want to wait a full 24 hours for the antibiotics to begin kicking in.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers and please keep them coming! I’m SO behind on my blog-reading but I am grateful for all the well-wishes here!





4 thoughts on “Third Time’s the Charm

  1. I’ve been following your posts about the infection and seizure. Didn’t want to post on FB, as it’s un-moderated. I have a 6 week old and live in fear of the febrile seizure. Different topic, I had HORRIBLE ear infections all my life and finally at 20 yrs old I got tubes put in. Kids usually grow out of these by about 6 yrs old. But I wanted to tell you that the tubes changed my life. I LOVED them! I also had my adenoids removed (not an option for a child), but it changed my life. I have hardly been sick and haven’t had an ear infection since. I’m now 34. Best wishes.


  2. Not to discourage tubes but I’m a big hippie who likes chiropractic care and things that don’t involve surgery. Had two friends with kids that had chronic earaches. Starting seeing the chiropractic as little bittie ones and haven’t had a problem since. Just throwing that out there….

    1. Thanks for the insight, Jods! I don’t want her necessarily to have tubes, either … I’ve heard that they don’t always work. So maybe that will be an option? Thanks!

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