Megaphone, Please: She Said “Mama”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For my 32nd birthday (October 2), all I wanted was to hear “mama.”

Well, Maya waited until the second of the NEXT month to say that elusive, much-sought-after word/babble, but she did, indeed, say it today … and not once or twice, either!

She first babbled it last night to Luis when she saw me leave for the gym but it was kind of garbled and he wasn’t sure she said it. But then this morning she said it while playing with us in the morning.

We looked at each other in partial disbelief — “Holysmokes, did you hear that?!” Yup, there it was! Then apparently all day long at babyschool she was saying it, and now tonight, I got it on video!! There is no sweeter babble, is there?! 🙂

Now, I should add … she’s still indiscriminate, babbling “dada” and “baba” and “ay yi” and now “mama” at anything and everything but she seems to be sure we know what she means. And so we do as all the books recommend — we speak back to hear (in real words) as though we are having a conversation (which is not quite as cute as the conversation she had with herself in the mirror — in which Maya kissed Maya in the mirror!) Point being, I don’t think at 10 mths she knows yet that “mama” is me or “dada” is Luis…  but if I say where’s mama she will sometimes blow raspberries at me, which is our thing … so who really knows.

I just wish I knew what went on in that lil brain!

What’s interesting is that in the past few weeks — as she began crawling, cruising, and now chatting more … we’ve  also begun to see her experiencing a little separation/stranger anxiety or, as my hubby’s BFF (who is visiting from El Sal) calls “mamitis,” where the baby just wants mommy once she sees mommy. She cried when going to two friends of ours she knows very well and even cried when being put in my MIL’s arms at one point when she was here, turning her head to find me in the room.

She’s completely fine at babyschool — we drop her off and she doesn’t cry at all, she just plays with her little friends and her teachers adore her and she cuddles with all of them and she’s SO happy to see us when we pick her up — flapping her arms, smiling wildly, babbling “dada” usually … but now if we swoop her up for a smooch and then put her down to get her belonging from her cubby, she will cry 😦 It’s like once she knows I’m there, she gets upset if I go away for even a second. Once we’re home it’s a little different–we can leave the room and she doesn’t usually cry (sometimes, but not usually) but last night she did cry when I walked away before our walk … even though she was cuddled with Daddy!

I realize all of this is completely normal behavior for a 10-mth old and nothing to be concerned with, but it’s intriguing how quickly this stage has begun. And the stages are about to keep on coming … In fact, next week she moves into the Wobbler room from the Infant room — her first big transition! I think she’ll do just fine –and she’ll flourish with all the bigger/older kids and all the play equipment, etc. We’re pretty sure it’s harder on the parents than the kids!

Today’s “mamamama” babble was pure music to my ears …. and I look forward to what’s to come!!!


2 thoughts on “Megaphone, Please: She Said “Mama”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Melissa – I just found your blog and I can’t believe how similar our lives are. I too am a type A personality and love to have everything planned and organized and really like to be in control. I also had a baby girl in December last year and am enjoying motherhood so much. It was so reassuring to read the comment you made about Maya being a total sweetheart 99% of thn time and a bit more challenging 1% of the time. That is EXACTLY like my Savannah. There is nothing harder than changing that diaper and especially putting of a new diaper and pajamas right before bed. She just likes to flip right over and do anything in her power to make the job more difficult. Sounds like normal behavior! My husband is also an engineer and I work fulltime with my baby in babyschool. It definitely makes for a busy schedule, but we’re all adjusting to it. I guess the hardest part is when they are sick. We are all still recovering from a 5 day illness and hoping everyone will be back to work/school tomorrow. Luckily, I work from home and my mother in law came to help with the baby. I was so sorry to hear about the seizure Maya had, but thankful all is well now. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know how much I enjoyed finding your blog. Nice to discover someone going through a similar journey.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks so much for writing. I love the name Savannah and how funny our girls are the same age!!! Hope everyone in your house is doing well now!! Hope to see you here again!

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