Keeping Myself Accountable

I knew that if I tweeted about planning my morning workout last night, that I’d have no choice but to DO IT. I don’t know why it made me feel so accountable, but it did.

Though I see the value in them, I don’t plan to become one of those people who has a fitness tracker app that posts to Facebook or Twitter — and I won’t be detailing my workouts for the world to see. But today I was really proud of myself for doing it … and keeping myself accountable in the process.

The stars must have aligned: the morning worked out perfectly and I actually could have spent another 5 minutes at the gym, had I known how much time I’d actually have (it helps when my hair is washed/dried the night before so it’s just a touch-up in the AM).

And I even had enough wiggle room to spend some quality time with Maya (who I had to wake at 7:15; baby girl was still in sleepies-mode) and had time to hit my local coffee shop for steel-cut oats and my chai latte. I was at my stand-up workstation and ready to go by 8:00 AM … huzzah … feeling energized and ready to face the day.

Thing is, I don’t have the luxury of “time” at the gym anymore, so I need to be more efficient in what I do when I’m there.  I don’t know how many days a week I will do this, but I’m going to see how I feel each morning this week. The weekends aren’t usually a problem with fitting it in, so we’ll see. The truth is I just need the consistency back in my life. I don’t need to go 7 days a week anymore for 60+ minutes … but I do need to pencil myself in as a priority. If that has to be my “me” time … so be it. I think it will help me organize the rest of my day better, as well. Any family walks (plus standing nearly all day at my desk) will be additional means of activity, and I won’t feel the pressure of going late at night when honestly I’m tired.

That was Day One … hoping to make it a habit! Thanks for the support!

PS- I’ve been (somewhat) heeding my dentist’s warnings … still not on my best behavior re: sugar, but I am definitely more cognizant of it than ever before!


2 thoughts on “Keeping Myself Accountable

  1. Awesome job Liss!!! You are totally inspiring me to get on track!!

    I am back at work after 2 1/2 weeks in LA and am totally ready to get back on WW and to the gym…and now you have me thinking of getting out in the AM!! Maybe after the jet lag wears off..

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