Alterations — Yes, Please!!

Well, what I assumed would happen back in April happened — the dress I got for an upcoming wedding  I can’t wait for is HUGE …and will definitely need alterations. Like, serious alterations!

I haven’t lost much weight since then — just the last few pregnancy pounds — but the dress size was solely determined by hip measurements (we were warned  by the bridal shop that the slip underneath was very narrow).

This meant the other measurements didn’t really matter … which meant alterations were going to be a necessity because I was not going to try to stuff myself into something that doesn’t fit!! (To me, that’s WAY worse than something being too big; you can take something in much easier than having it be let out).

While I don’t think I would have fit into my standard dress size in this style dress, I definitely should have listened to my dear bride-to-be friend and not have ordered three sizes up from my usual size just because of the one measurement. Live and learn …!

[Hear me, M, you were right :)]

I can’t undo the past, but I can say with certainty that there’s enough fabric (gorgeous fabric, I might add!) to practically make another dress, so maybe I’ll get a sassy dress made for Maya for my cousin’s wedding in December … 😉 If I wear this dress, we can match! (HA!)

In all seriousness, though, I am taking it to the seamstress tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it looks with alterations — it’s truly beautiful and I love the color and style (I’ll share pics post-wedding).

I just wish the sizing charts for each designer weren’t so all-over-the-place. I was literally three different sizes based on three different measurements. The whole notion of “vanity sizing” escaped the bridal industry … and it’s frustrating because there is no consistency among companies or even brands, anyway!

How about you? Would you have ordered a size down (or two or three?) hoping to fit into it … or would you have done what I did, gotten it bigger and had it taken in? I’m beginning to think I could have safely ordered at least one or two sizes down. Three might have been pushing it.


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