What I’ll Miss … and What I Won’t! (Part Deux)

When I was anticipating Maya’s arrival last winter, I wrote this post, What I’ll Miss and What I Won’t, about being pregnant.

Today, while discussing weaning with a friend who is pregnant with her second baby, I got to thinking about these same notions with respect to nursing and pumping and thought I’d share them here on the blog — if for nothing else than to memorialize how I’m feeling at this very moment.

Because in the next few weeks, if not days, my pumping and nursing days will be done. I’m down to just five pumps a day plus one nursing session at night and at this point, I don’t think that I will be dealing with any engorgement issues that so many nursing moms deal with (as my supply is so low to begin with) when I do stop.

What I won’t miss …

1) The act of pumping. It’s gotten to be annoying, and stressful and the benefits aren’t outweighing the costs. It’s also painful at times and a time-suck where I could be doing other things with my daughter and/or husband. At this point, pumping has become a PITA and, frankly, the 4-5 oz a day I’m making just aren’t worth my sanity.
2) Lugging the black bag EVERYWHERE.
3) Stopping what I’m doing at work to lug my laptop to the mothers’ room to pump during my allotted time (and hurrying because, with five of us pumping at work, someone is bound to be off-schedule at some point) — and trying to schedule meetings around said pump times.
4) Washing pump parts. Over. And over. And over again. (Yes, Luis helps out with this, but still – it’s a royal PITA to clean these things. Whoever invented these contraptions HAD to be a man …
5) These hugs boobs. I’ve always been an A/B cup … and would like to see those bras again. My chest feels too big for my build now, and I’m eager to ditch these ta-tas!

What I will miss …

1) Nursing. That is all. Because for as many supply issues as I have had, and for as much as I loathed it in the beginning … Maya has always had a good latch and been a good nurser. And even though I stopped nursing her on and off these past eight months, each time I wanted to go back, she would. I love the connection, hearing her gulp, and knowing it’s my milk that is nourishing her. There’s something incredible and special about nursing … and I will miss that quiet time when she is pulling on my hair, touching my face, pulling her feet to her face all the while suckling away. It’s been a blessing and an amazing part of motherhood … and while I am sad to see that chapter ending and hope to never forget this time, I’m excited for what’s to come as our little munchkin grows.

No matter when I stop, time is flying and Maya turns eight months on Thursday … isn’t that crazy?! Here is a link to the pics from our photo shoot with my dear friend Staci (you might recall she did my maternity shoot as well as Maya’s newborn shoot). We love how they turned out — hope you like them, too!

How about you? How did you deal with weaning? What did/didn’t you miss from that stage with your child(ren)?


11 thoughts on “What I’ll Miss … and What I Won’t! (Part Deux)

  1. I didn’t really wean since my milk never came in, but I still missed the act of nursing, even though it was just a few days. Even now, more than a year later, I remember how good it felt.

    In my view from beyond bottle-land, I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having to cart bottles, formula (and sometimes water) with me ALL THE TIME. It is so much easier now that Nate can just eat regular food and we just need to try to remember having a sippy cup around. I can only imagine what it has to be like carting all that other stuff around.

    1. I cannot WAIT for those days, Candice! Maya has been holding her own bottles for a really long time now so I think she is ready for sippy cups but I know she needs milk til she’s a year so … ugh! That’s great though that he can eat all table food now. She has no teeth yet — and none even on the brink — so I think it’s going to be a while before she can have real table food.

  2. How about having to take a bag a milk out with you if you go anywhere straight from work and then maybe leaving that bag at a restaurant (but then going back to get it). Ha! It’s bittersweet, but at least you won’t have to go through the physical pain.

    1. LOL … that is a good one and one I am sure you won’t miss. 🙂 It definitely is bittersweet … and today, nursing her, I felt so content and knew she did, too. I know these days are coming to a close so I guess that helps me as I dwindle down.

  3. I love this post (and I’ve been meaning to comment on your post about weaning – such a great one!). Congrats to you for making it 8 months with Maya. She’s a lucky girl. I hear you about missing the nursing time. But you’ll still get cuddle time, just you and your little girl on your chair. My daughter is 3 and she still asks for cuddles sometimes. I LOVE it.

    A few items I’d add to your “things I won’t miss” list – seeing half a bottle go down the drain b/c baby didn’t finish it and now the milk went bad. Mother’s Milk drops (gross!) and tea, Fenugreek capsules, old wives’ tales about what will boost your supply…

    Oh, and don’t be surprised if you drop a full cup size once you’re done weaning. I had to buy new bras anyway because all my pre-pregnancy bras were too big for me!

    1. Thanks, Elana! Thank you, I do feel good about how far I’ve gone–I know most people would not have kept going in my shoes and that helps me know I did my best with what I had.

      Ooooh, those are some good things to not miss!! 🙂 I did the tea but that was it. A friend gave me Fenugeek and blessed thistle — I gagged on both and the thought of taking so many per day was a hellno!

      I would LOVE that! 🙂

  4. I am impressed you made it 8 months! Most people would have given up long ago.

    I’m already dreading the day we have to stop and he’s only 6 months. We both love it so much, and if he knows I’m around, he won’t take a bottle. Stinker.

    I for sure won’t miss washing pump parts. There are so darn many pieces!

  5. Way to go, Melissa! I too made it 8 months and pat myself on the back all the time, knowing how much I struggled with supply and latch issues.

    That said, whenever I see a nursing mom I feel a pang of jealousy that I couldn’t continue nursing – it’s such a special act of love. But I insist on giving our daughter her morning and evening bottle and I love that time with her just as much! You’ll find other ways to bond and enjoy each other 🙂

    Good luck!

    1. That’s so funny we made it the same amount of time!! I love bottle time too, though now she just wants to feed herself and squirms around 😦 (nursing or bottle–she is on the go!) But thank you for the words of encouragement — it was a gift, and when it’s all over, she’ll still be our little Maya 🙂

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