Va-k Highlights

One of my fave pics -- strangers at a party that asked to hold Maya. She was adored by all 🙂

I’ve been to El Salvador a ton of times while my [Salvadoran-born] husband and I were dating and even lived there for almost a year after grad school, so I feel pretty well-versed in Salvadoran culture. Yet every time I go, I’m amazed at how much there is left to learn and see and this trip was no different.

I thought I’d share some highlights here on the blog.

1) I got a blow-out and a pedicure and Luis got a haircut … all for $13. Such a deal!

2) I (unknowingly) ate rabbit. I did not like it and KNEW it wasn’t chicken … Luis SAYS he didn’t know, either, but I think he tricked me! 😉

3) I had a [100% guilt-free] mocha at my favorite cafe in San Salvador, La Panetiere. And a lot of crusty baguette. A lot.

4) I survived turbulence like I’ve never experienced before — turbulence so frightening that it had us holding hands and bracing for the worst, thinking this was the end as we kept dropping and dropping not long after takeoff from El Salvador.

5) I was at a wedding with the President Funes, the president of El Salvador! (Which explained the tight security walking into the reception!)

6) I polished off a watermelon in two days. I love watermelon in El Salvador — I don’t know why but it tastes so much better. And it’s CHEAP.

7) We left Maya with the housekeeper when we went to the wedding so we had a night out, which was great!

8 ) Maya was an amazing little traveler and an incredibly adaptable baby. She didn’t cry on the plane rides (she’s had eight take-offs and landings in two weeks!), slept great even while on va-k, and, in spite of being all off-schedule, still managed to keep her nap and feeding routines intact (though she did miss a few feedings along the way).

9) I barely pumped while away and my (already limited) supply has suffered dramatically as a result –all the more reason to continue weaning from the pump. I suspect by the time she hits the eight month mark (the 18th) I’ll be all but dried up. And that is OK!!

10) In spite of what I think, my Spanish apparently does not suck. 🙂

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and once I post pictures to an album tomorrow I will share, but wanted to share just a few today.


3 thoughts on “Va-k Highlights

  1. Sounds like a great trip (aside from the bad flight). I was on a flight to Philly a little over a year ago that had such horrible turbulence that a flight attendant broker her nose and a passenger hit their head, not to mention drinks that had just been served spilled all over the plane. Luckily most people had their seatbelts on!

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