Warm and Fuzzy…now go to sleep!

Lately bed-time has been a challenge.

Maya, who used to just go in her crib and lay and talk and sleep within a few minutes now is at that lovely stage where she wants to know we are there and cries when we leave. And making things even worse, she can’t get comfortable because she keeps flipping to her tummy which I think startled her.

So knowing what I know about how sleep begets sleep, I realize Maya needs to go to sleep a lot earlier than she has been — but realistically it’s hard because we don’t even get home til 6 and I can’t control her nap-times; they vary in duration and timing at daycare.

So instead of having a set bedtime I expect her asleep by (which used to be by 8, sometimes as early as 7/730 but usually by around 8 she’d be asleep) and working backwards from that for her routine I’m realizing we need to literally get her bedtime routine started when we walk in the door. Of which I hate, hate, hate the thought.

We like to have some play-time and go for family walks … and we’ll just need to start going right after her bath I guess, and much earlier than before.

Anyway … Point is, whatever soothing methods we used to do the first six months don’t really work anymore. I’m not excited about the cry it out method, either, but ultimately I think we will need to end up letting her fuss a little longer before going in unless we worry she is in pain or something (and those cries are different).

So last night when, after having fallen asleep in the car post-dinner out (where she was a sweet little angel and everyone walking by oogled her ;)) and waking up when Luis put her in her crib, I decided since she had missed a feeding at daycare and it was late (9) that I would attempt to nurse.

And guess what?! She did! I was soooooooo happy you can’t even imagine. Even if it turns out that was the last time (I hope it’s not) I was given one more opportunity with her.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now!

Even though the night was not textbook perfect, it was great–especially since Maya and I leave for NJ tomorrow to go to a dear, dear friend’s bridal shower πŸ™‚

(I’m in the wedding — hubby has class Fri. & Sat. so he can’t join but then next week we go to El Salvador all together and he is DONE with school til Sept! Then done officially in December and when he gets that MBA I want an honorary degree for putting up with this!)

Anyway, any tips on when bedtime routines get altered or shifted? We’re going to be traveling and I know I need to be flexible … and when we’re in El Salvador it’s a 2-hour time difference (behind) so I’m a little worried about how all that will go … anyone have any advice for this?



3 thoughts on “Warm and Fuzzy…now go to sleep!

  1. Have you read the Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby..book? It’s meant for babies 4 months and up. Addresses this issue a lot in there!

  2. hey liss-
    as you know, we struggle with bedtime on and off. Not sure if Maya is overtired because she’s already 7 months and I feel like you would have known by now that she needs a better bedtime (earlier). but I guess it’s worth a shot to see if she goes to bed earlier. (*on the plus side if she DOES need to go to bed earlier, she will probably go down MUCH more easily which means you can play and stuff, and just get her ready for bed quickly and still have time w/her!)
    What are you big issues now? HOw much crying before bed at night? How long is your bedtime routine? Once Maya is out, does she wake up again an hour or 2 later?
    But back to you, bedtime shouldn’t take 45 minutes-1 hour of soothing at 7 months old, it MAY be a stage but it doesn’t really matter, it’s not working for you.
    I figure 15 minutes is doable at this stage. How long do you let her fuss before going in? When she wakes up in the morning how long do you wait before going in?

    Write me an e-mail, we can discuss!!!

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