When words just won’t do

I had all these grandiose ideas for blog topics this week running through my head as we went about town today. I couldn’t wait to get home and get blogging. Then on our way to Sam’s Club this afternoon, while Luis was driving and we were chatting, I was scanning my news feed on Facebook and came across a status that made my heart literally break in two.

A fellow poster from the Weight Watchers message boards wrote that she had no other way to explain to the masses … but that she had lost her six-year-old son yesterday.

They think his little heart just went out.

I was  rendered speechless and immediately started to cry, my husband clasping my hand as I told him what has happened.

I had never met her in real life, but I loved reading her status updates about her two boys.

From the WW chat boards over the years, I knew her oldest son’s life wasn’t easy from the start. And though I don’t go on the chat boards anymore, I’m friends with a bunch of the girls on Facebook and I could see in pictures that he was a happy little boy, blessed with a family that adored and cherished him, and that he lit up the lives of all who knew him.

So to hear that her little fighter Edison was now gone … just made no sense. I couldn’t believe it.

Couldn’t believe that God would be that cruel to take away such a special child; leave a mother and family here in agony. It just doesn’t make sense … and if *I* feel that way and don’t even know them personally … I can’t even begin to imagine what they are feeling.

I’m a mom now, and for as much pain as I would have felt for her as a friend, that pain is multiplied now being a mom myself. Because I just can’t fathom what she has been through/is going through now. Or what her family is going through. My heart is aching for them.

Sometimes there just are no words.

Please keep the Ruef family in your thoughts and prayers as they mourn the all-too-short life of their sweet boy Edison.



5 thoughts on “When words just won’t do

  1. There is something about being a mom that just rips your heart open raw when you hear about things like this. I’m crying for your friend right now and I don’t even know her. She and her family will most certainly be in my thoughts tonight (and going forward).

    1. It’s awful, isn’t it, Candice? I think I would have been sad before but now I get it, what it means to be a mom … and the thought of what she is going through (especially after all they have been through with Edison) is just unbearable. My heart just aches for them.

  2. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. Because honestly if any tragedy happened to you or Louis. If one of u lost a job or something, heaven forbid, happened to Rocco, I would feel it. We have never met but I always say “I have a friend in Kalamazoo…”

    1. I feel the same, Kendra–we’re all kindred spirits, even though we don’t actively post on our WS thread anymore. Aw thank you 🙂 🙂 Hugs, from your friend in Kalamazoo. 🙂

  3. I just wanted to say thanks for including my post in the carnival this week. I’m new around here and I appricate the quick inclusion! 🙂 I’ve linked back to the carnival from my site as a way of saying thanks.

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