Making Commitments

I’m rarely late. Anyone that knows me knows that, even with a baby in tow, I’m rarely late. [When I am, it’s usually because my lovely HUSBAND is running late … not me].

I’m pretty good on my commitments. If I tell a client he or she will have something by end of day, I might have to crack some knuckles … but, generally speaking, it will get done. Likewise, if I make plans with a friend, the only reason they’d be broken is if I’m sick.

But lately, as you’ve probably gathered from my blog posts, I’m sucking on my commitments to myself in terms of eating well, planning out my meals, and organizing my fitness schedule.

So I’m making a commitment here on the blog, today, June 22. I need to get my @!#@! together.

I have no excuse at this point.  I’ve been back at work for three months, Maya is sleeping through the night and (aside from the occasional meltdown) a relatively easy-going and predictable baby … the problem is, my time management skills have just sucked as of late — and it’s showing.

Grandiose plans without tangible objectives don’t work for me, so today I’m making some tangible goals — goals I can check back on, goals to which I can hold myself accountable.

1) Eat cleaner. A conversation with a dear friend yesterday reminded me of just how important clean eating is, and how it makes me feel: GOOD! I’ve been eating whatever, whenever, wherever. Portion control has always been my strong suit, but my choices have just been less than stellar and I know what I need to do.

2) Stick to my WW Points (and not go over). This sounds so ridiculously obvious, but week after week, I’m going over by 20, 30 Points, because I could be making better choices than I have been. As of my last weigh in, I was just below my pre-pregnancy weight now — but still have about 10 to lose to be back to my comfortable, easy-to-maintain healthy weight/size. No worries; restricting and over-exercising are NOT options and I know what to do … I just lack the willpower and want-power these days to make the changes I need to make. (Hence, this post).

3) Work out in the mornings again. I thought it would be impossible, but Jen’s comment in the comment section on a recent post got me thinking … The gym opens at 5:30, and I’m not waking at 2 or 3 to pump anymore. So if I go to bed earlier, I could wake at 4:45 to pump and be at the gym by 5:30 when it opens, squeeze in a 30-min. cardio session and be back home to pump again before getting myself and Maya ready. Then we could go for evening walks and that’d be it … I’d be free to relax and enjoy the night instead of rushing around. Plus, then I could eliminate one shower 🙂 (I can’t go to bed post-gym without a shower, so that means two showers a day).

4) Plan meals. It sounds so simple, yet I’ve been ignoring this most basic tenet of healthy eating. When you fail to plan, you’re basically planning to fail. I need to take a good look at our fridge and freezer stock and we need to organize meals. Again, I know what to do and need to, as Nike says, JUST DO IT.

These four steps are going to make me a happier and healthier person. For all my past issues, I have a much healthier relationship with food than I used to (even though I’m obviously not making the best choices) and do not worry about going off the deep end.

In addition, none of these steps are things I haven’t done before … in fact, all four of them contributed to getting me in the best shape of my life in 2004. My expectations have surely changed, but it doesn’t mean I can’t strive to be the healthiest me possible.

I want to be a positive role model for Maya, and while I think she’d be happy to know her mama stopped and got the vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s she was craving on her way back from Chicago yesterday (something she would not have done a few years ago), it’d probably make her sad to know that her mama is still buying candy and Diet Coke she doesn’t need simply because she can.

The truth is, she can’t.

I can’t mentally afford the self-destruction, the lack of self care. Which is why I’m making this commitment to myself. Not tomorrow, not the next day, but TODAY. As the Rent anthem goes, “No Day But Today!”

Wish me luck!

How about you? What are you struggling to make time for these days?


4 thoughts on “Making Commitments

  1. Hi there! Good for you for making these commitments and holding yourself accountable! You are a wonderful role model already, to many people, and also to Maya. Understanding your own personality and needs will only help you as you know exactly how you need to organize yourself to “get it done!” Making good choices isn’t about how you appear, it’s about how you feel. Much love to you!

  2. Let’s be honest, what am I *not* struggling to fit in these days? One wouldn’t think a single girl would have such issues. 😉

    1. LOL Janelle. When I was single I had even more commitments than now — they were just a different type of commitment than now. Hang in there and enjoy this wkd! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Dawn!! I think you’re right. 🙂 Thank you. Though I have to say, I woke up for the gym … and promptly went back to bed, favoring sleep over a workout. Still, I made good choices at breakfast and have set the day off on the right foot. 🙂

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