Maya is Six Months Old!

This weekend was huge for our family. HUGE!

After all my moaning and worrying about Maya not hitting that rolling over milestone, on her half-birthday (Saturday) she woke up like you see in this pic. Yep, little hot stuff decided to show us what she was made of … in the middle of the night, when no one was watching! It was pretty funny, and we were definitely caught off-guard! She did it again this morning. Hot stuff!

Then she had her first swimming lessons. She loved the water, and even started kicking … but didn’t enjoy being dunked (which was part of the class, horrible as that sounds). The first two times she coughed and looked scared out of her mind. But by the third and fourth times, she didn’t cough and seemed to know what was happening (or so the teacher says).

Then she got her ears pierced!!

All this on her half-birthday!

Then today was Father’s Day 🙂 We spent lots of quality family time together, and Maya went swimming in her little play pool.

What an amazing weekend … here’s a few more pics.


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