Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!

How refreshing to see this pic of Pink — known for her kick-ass persona and rock-hard abs — walking on the beach with her husband and five-day-old baby, Willow. This story (and pic) made my day.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing celebs looking perfect and taut post-partum. THAT IS NOT REALITY!

Newsflash: Most women still look about six months pregnant after they have a baby … and the baby belly takes longer for some women than others. As the saying goes, nine months on, nine months off is the general rule of thumb (though obviously it depends on the person).

Seeing a beautiful, strong, fit woman like Pink in this most natural of states was so refreshing. I applaud her for getting out and about with her new bundle of joy and hope others will see this pic of her and realize this is the stark reality for most women.

Most of us don’t walk out of the hospital, a la Nicole Kidman, sporting our pre-pregnancy skinny jeans — especially those of us who had C-sections!

So congrats, Pink, and thanks for being real and authentic as always. You rock! And those awesome abs? They’ll be back in a few months!


3 thoughts on “Post-Partum Bellies DO Look Like Preggo Bellies!!

  1. Thanks for posting the picture of Pink. C-sections are hard on the body. My front is wavy and looks like it melted and pooled around my hips. I’m trying to love my post-partum body, but it’s hard. Its nice to see that Pink isn’t hiding from the cameras.

  2. THANK YOU!!! i had a very rough pregnancy with toxemia ( SERIOUS swelling) & gestational diabetes. plus my body was rejecting pregnancy causing me to have blisters over 80% of my body and they stayed there for another month AFTER haivng the baby. AND i had to have an emergency c-section, so losing weight and getting fit is VERY hard (went from size 10 to a size 18!!) and the more i see women who just had babies and they are all skinny MAKES me sick!! i love my daughter & would do it all over again, but it’s just hard. But seeing this pic of PINK really makes me feel better!!!! so THANK YOU for acknowledging that MOST women don’t jump back into pre preg jeans when they leave the hospital!!!

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