Time, Please Stand Still?!

It’s been my nature, my whole life, to hurry up to the next big thing — be it something as big as the next life stage or something as small as the next weekend. I’m notoriously impatient (and married a Salvadoran who runs on Latino time — poor me!!!!) and have trouble sitting still.

Since graduating college, this is the longest I’ve ever lived in one place and the longest I’ve ever been at one job. I’m quite content with that part of my life, but I’m at the point now where I don’t want to hurry up to the next big thing but rather want to savor each second and find a way for time to stand still.

I know part of why I’m thinking about the passage of time is because today, Maya is FIVE months old.

Really, I’m not joking.

I’m sure it feels like she’s been here forever to my readers, but it really boggles my mind that we’ve flipped the calendar five times since she’s been born! There was snow on the ground the day she was born … and though it still feels cold enough to flurry today (this IS Michigan after all!), it’s spring. It’s rainy and flowers are abloom. Time is passing.

Summer is coming.

She’s growing; changing every day. She’s trying her darndest to stand whenever we pick her up (yet she will not roll over yet… gr!). Her newest cute-baby thing? Pulling her feet close to her face and smiling and giggling wildly. She has spunk and personality now.

She’s a baby now, not a newborn.

We had parent-teacher conferences at baby school last night and were happy to hear she is doing awesome. They love her there, which really helps me feel good about where she is. I still struggle with it — and probably always will (especially on a night like tonight where I have somewhere fun to be after work and will only see her for maybe 30 minutes). But for the most part, we’re adjusting. Making do. Moving on.

So today, while celebrating my baby girl’s five month birthday, I’m going to make sure the limited time I have with her is lived 100% in the moment. Because try as I might … I can’t make time stand still.


2 thoughts on “Time, Please Stand Still?!

  1. You really pulled on my heartstrings with this post. My daughter is now 11 and the time is going by so quickly. I have tried most of her life to savor every stage, every moment as I knew the day would come when I was less important to her and I would have to schedule time with her rather than the other way around. I am so thankful that I took this approach. We have a very strong bond and although she is becoming more and more independent and wanting to spend less and less time with me- we are very close and still make “special” time just for us. It is not always easy to savor every moment as tiredness and stress factor in- but you are already ahead of the game by being aware and trying to make every precious moment count! Happy 5 month birthday to your daughter!

  2. ((Jill)) I am hoping that being aware will help but we all know awareness is only half the battle … the other half is action. I just want to soak up every minute with her I can!

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