LIKE Me, Please?

When Facebook changed its language from “FAN US” to “LIKE US” I was among the first to think it was the dumbest choice of words ever.

A year later, I’m not laughing … EVERYBODY wants to be liked … every brand, person, organization … and I’ve caved.

Yup, I’ve created a Facebook page for my blog, where I hope to open up conversations that begin here on the blog. You can like it here.

I didn’t just create this page to create this page … there was some strategic thinking that went into this decision. First, I’m not blogging about my disordered eating past anymore, so I feel like I am more comfortable sharing my blog and my writing and opening up the conversation to bigger and bolder topics.

Second, and perhaps most importantly, often it feels like the meat of a blog post is in the comments — that’s where the conversation gets started. The format of Facebook, I feel, makes it easier to have a dialogue and since I loved being the community manager for the American Heart Association, I will be community managing my own blog’s page. 🙂

If you wouldn’t mind, please LIKE my page and let the conversation continue in a more forum-based format! Thank you in advance.

In the meantime, trying to figure out how to get a LIKE box on my blog! …


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