Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!!

I love my mom with all my heart and wouldn’t be the woman, wife, and mother I am without her influence… so first and foremost, I want to give a shout-out to my mama!! I love you and thank you for you!

This is the first year I can celebrate Mother’s Day on the receiving end, and it was truly a wonderful day.

It started out by waking up to this adorable face. Really, how could it get any better?!! I swear, waking up to a smiling baby (vs. a screaming baby that first two months) … there just are no words.

But it did! There was sunshine and clear azure skies. There was spring-time warmth (finally!) and a gentle breeze.

There was a homemade Egg McMuffin and fresh pineapple for breakfast.

And there were presents aplenty from my hubby, Maya and Rocco. Chocolates, roses, gift cards, beautiful cards, oh my! Plus lovely cards from my family. I definitely felt the love!

In the afternoon, we went to Saugatuck, an artsy beach community where we met up with some dear friends and their 3-mth old son (Maya’s BFF at baby school). I enjoyed a REAL ice cream cone (no fat-free fro-yo for this mama!) and after we walked around for a bit, our little family (minus Rocco who held down the fort) went out to dinner.

Over dinner, my husband asked what my favorite part of being Maya’s mom is.

It took me a minute to answer (I love so many things about being her mom; how could I pick one?), but in the end, I said how I love feeling so needed. He said, “I need you!”

I smiled and said I understood he needs me (as do I him), but tried to explain that this is a different and inexplicable kind of need. I don’t even think dads can quite get it … not that they don’t love their children — of course they do! But it’s a love so visceral and so innate that I wonder if only a mom can truly understand it??

I look at my baby girl, and there are no words to explain the love I feel watching her grow and change.

This morning, rocking her in my arms to go down for a nap, I was overcome with love and adoration for her. She needs me … and she is a piece of me. I feel like I’ve known her forever … and yet I love knowing she is a book that is –in many ways — unwritten.

As her parents — and particularly as her mom — we will help write her pages. That is both an exhilarating and empowering realization … and daunting, too.

She will learn from us …but I have to say, in these nearly five months, I’ve learned so much from her, too. Parenting is truly a learning experience — and we’re only just beginning.

The weekend went by too quickly (don’t they always?!) but it was a great day to cap off a great weekend that kicked off with the March of Dimes March for Babies walk. Now I’m exhausted … but feeling incredibly, incredibly blessed!!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all and wishing you love and happiness always!


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