Almost “Me” Again

My sister is visiting–YAY!

In addition to all of us spoiling Maya rotten last night with clothes and accessories and shoes (jellies! sneaks!) I decided to get myself a little something.

Now, in the past (and I realize this sounds bad) I spoiled myself often without second thought … but since having Maya, I’ve bought myself few things — mostly because it’s so much fun to shop for her, but also because it’s hard to be excited about clothes shopping when nothing fits exactly as you wish it would (irrelevant of sizing).

So even though I desperately am in need of transitional clothes that fit my not-pregnant-anymore/not-quite-back-to-normal-size body … I just haven’t bought much. I know my carefree days of shopping for $$$ Joe’s jeans are long gone … but I still need some cute jeans since I only own one other pair that fits (About eight weeks after I had Maya, I bought a pair of non-maternity jeans at Old Navy that have worked just fine but I don’t LOVE them).

So last night, I decided to try another style (and different color/wash) that my sister recommended (Sweetheart fit). I originally pulled on the 12s, but they were big … so I tried the 10s.

They didn’t just fit … they fit nicely. They made me feel good in my own skin. My tummy looks ALMOST back to normal.

And, since I adored them so much, I literally wore them out the door. (after paying and removing the tags, of course!)

Tomorrow night my sister is babysitting so we can have a date night and you can bet I’ll be wearing my new jeans.

Sometimes, as a new mom (or old mom!), it’s easy to forget about yourself and it was a good reminder that taking care of me — giving myself a little TLC — isn’t selfish or superficial.

The way I see it, it’s part of being a good mom. I might not want to spend as much on myself anymore, but a little pick-me-up treat here and there (mani/pedi, haircut, new top, new jeans) makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel like “Melissa” … not just “mommy.” And I think that’s important, too, for my mental health (same with my commitment to the gym — though this week has been a wash).

I hope I can remember this train of thought when things get even more hectic … !!!

How about you? What ways do you take care of yourself, guilt-free?


One thought on “Almost “Me” Again

  1. That’s great, I’m so glad you were able to find Jeans that fit and that made you feel good. I have to say I need work in this area. My son is 13 but still I struggle with putting myself first. It’s something you always have to remind yourself to do.

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