*Big* Changes at Tales!

Welcome to my new blog, Let There Be Light. 🙂

My domain was set to expire in June and I wanted to change the name ASAP.  I hope you like the new look! I bought the domain  (http://let-there-be-light.net) and got to work! So if you want to change your RSS feeds please go ahead — though the old site will redirect. (Thank you again to Staci for my maternity shots and newborn shots–which are now on my blog!)

I’m really excited about this change. I chose this title because I feel like there is so much light in my life right now … and also because, at times, I might need some inspiration. Hence the “let there be” part of things.

So you’re probably wondering … what is she going to blog about now? Is she going to delete all the disordered eating/recovery/body image stuff?

Fret not.

In two words … HELL NO. Since June 2008 I have been blogging … that’s three years! And for as much as I cringe reading my state of mind in that first year or so of posts … it’s so much a part of who I was — and, even though I consider myself recovered, who I am. That struggle made me who I am today; it’s part of my history — and I’m proud of it, not ashamed of it.

So no, that stuff won’t go away; my blog will still serve as a repository for that community, and I hope will serve as an inspiration for those who are struggling.

And though at times I might struggle with certain nagging thoughts — which I will share here as I always have — the focus of my blog has clearly shifted the past year and a half. Away from being in the depths of despair to being on the cusp of recovery (with setbacks aplenty) to  being recovered to pregnancy and to motherhood and now, to simply living.

Some days I might want to blog about my beautiful little girl. Or my husband. Or a pair of shoes I found. Other days I might want to blog about motherhood, marriage, or friendship. Or maybe daycare, a new project at work, or a trip I’m excited about taking. I might want to analyze the social media landscape, or question a decision I’ve made, or ask your advice. I might just want to share a funny video of Maya.

That’s the beauty of my new blog … because I’m changing the name, it doesn’t HAVE to have the same niche focus anymore.

It’s about the “ever after” and that “ever after” doesn’t pigeonhole me. In this respect, I don’t need to do a complete rebranding of myself; I can be who I am … unapologetically me, as MizFit would say.

I expect leaving the ED/DE community, I might lose some readers (though I’m sure through my pregnancy and journey into motherhood I might have lost some anyway). Ideally, I’ve gained (or will gain) some new readers, and keep the conversation going … in whatever direction it goes.

So I want to thank my readers who have been sticking by me during my blogging identity crisis, which began in November. I hope to still provide you with enjoyable/inspiring/interesting content but above all, I’m going to continue to keep it real.

I’ve never shied away from the truth of what I’ve been experiencing, and I don’t plan to now. If wearing my heart on my proverbial sleeve makes me a sucker well, then so be it.

It’s taken me a very long time to get here, but I am who I am.

Let there be light.




11 thoughts on “*Big* Changes at Tales!

  1. Congrats on your change, I love it! I have been following you for quite sometime but haven’t posted much. I enjoy watching your journey.

  2. lovely lissa! keep being who you are…and open to what that means in each moment of your life!

    ill always be thankful for what you shared through your “recovering” blogging, and am excited to continue to be en LIGHT ened by you!

    enjoy, and congratulations,


  3. Love it Lissa. I feel like I’m having a blog identity crisis myself these days, and I have no idea what direction my blog will take. Thanks for the reminder that I simply need to be myself.

    Love the new blog name. It’s perfect. 🙂

    1. Thank you! Oh I can SO relate, Heather!!!! Be true to you–your readers love YOU and if you decided to blog about just yoga or just food or just Summer or just anything … I (and others!) would read. We love YOU!

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