Seeing Red

Well, it was bound to happen at some point … the dreaded return of Aunt Flow.

Exactly one month post-partum I had some bleeding, which I was baffled by because, hello I was breastfeeding! What I learned from my OB (after calling frantically) is that in the same way breastfeeding is not a form of birth control, nor is it a guaranteed period-stopper … GR.

The bleeding ended after a day or two and, as it turns out, was just post-C-section bleeding and not my period. So I thought perhaps I was in the clear …In the clear, that is, until today. When I saw red.

And let me tell you, after being without a period since March 14, 2010 (thirteen months!) … it was most definitely an unwelcome visitor.

And particularly unwelcome because it came without forewarning … which, pre-baby, was usually in the form of cramps, chocolate cravings, and sore breasts

Looking back, there was that pound I gained this week at my weigh-in, some back-aches, and no desire to work out … but none of that would necessarily be a tell-tale sign that my happy, period-free existence was drawing to a close. Plus, I always want chocolate now … and my breasts feel uncomfortable because I’m nursing or pumping.

Bottom line: I was not a happy camper this morning.

I share this TMI news today because well, frankly, there’s not much discussion out there about things that happen to your body after you have a baby (aside from the spare tire many women are left with) … I’m living proof that, even while breastfeeding, you can still get your period.

And in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a few other changes.

For example, I have always seen clumps of hair in the drain after I shower.  But once I was pregnant, my hair stopped falling out (this happens to pretty much everyone). Then last week, after going nearly a year without a clogged drain, I noticed swirls of auburn hair collecting at the bottom of the tub. Lo and behold, the hair was back!

On the positive side, the dark linea nigra line that tattooed my belly vertically has faded more and more each day, my incision is getting fainter, and my belly button has totally sunk its way back in. That said, I’m left with nearly three extra inches on my waist (bye bye hour-glass shape!)–and about five on my hips. Such is life; I’ve got work to do and am on the right track. No stress — it is what it is.

Because I saw red today, I thought I’d leave you with a little (way-too-close) video of Maya giggling. She just started doing it a few weeks ago, but now she’s doing it more often. It’s quite honestly the sweetest sound ever — pure music to my ears!

How about you? What post-partum body changes were you most surprised by? What do you wish someone had told you?


4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. I wish someone would have told me that “mommy brain” never quite goes away… before being pregnant I felt so sharp and on my game. During pregnancy I spaced things a lot, which was very new for me. I’m not quite as spacey as I was while pregnant, but some stuff just doesn’t make it on the radar like it would have before!

    1. Oh YES, mommy brain is pregnant brain on steroids. I did the drop-off this morning at babyschool. Walked out and realized I left my keys. Went back in, got to the car, and realized I left my phone … in the diaper bag. Went back in, got the phone, and then walked out without my shoes! (We have to take them off when we go in the room). I just had to laugh.

  2. I wish someone told me what that first post-partum period could be like. Mine was horrendous for months – worse than anything I have ever experienced since first getting my period. For the first time in my life, my period was inconvenient. I remember being told it would be “heavy” … which was a laughable understatement. lol

    And, yeah, Mommy brain. Having so much on your mind all hours of the day that you almost feel like you never have a full grasp on anything anymore.

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