On a whim, this morning before work I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants that I thought might have a slight chance of fitting over my legs. I prepared myself for disappointment (I’d tried them on two weeks earlier) and guess what?

Lo and behold … they fit!

Now, don’t get me wrong — I wouldn’t walk down the runway in them by any means.

But they did, indeed, button and fit over my more curvaceous post-baby body.

Unfortunately, as I sit in them now on my lunch-break at work,  I’m thinking I might have been a little too ambitious in my desire to wear them ASAP. Truthfully, I need something a little more forgiving in the tummy area still … but the fact that they fit is an NSV for sure (“Non Scale Victory” for non-WW peeps!)

Despite what my husband says (because he loves it anyway), my stomach is not flat the way it once was; it’s definitely softer and rounder. I look at it–that which is constricting me a little today–with utmost love.

Maya grew in here.

I look back at my Bump page and think holy hell, she was inside of me cooking for NINE MONTHS! And now she’s in my arms. It’s mind-blowing. Completely mind-blowing.

I still have work to do, but I’m motivated to be as healthy as can be, for my family and myself.

I WI on Fridays so who knows if I lost this week or not, but either way, I feel great and that’s what matters! I’m not stressed about it and I’m not setting a deadline … it’ll come off when it wants to come off, and I’ll just keep plugging along. My goal is realistic and doable …and at the very least, gives me something to challenge myself with physically.

Anyway, just wanted to share — it’s the little things that really matter 🙂



4 thoughts on “NSV!

  1. Congrats! Even if you’re feeling a bit pinched, I’m sure you feel great today! I’ve never heard of an NSV before – great term. Those are often better than the scale victories.

    I look at Nate and marvel that one day he’ll be too big to hold… that I’ll no longer see the little baby that I held inside me. He’s still close enough to that that I can imagine it… but to just think one day he’ll be tall – taller than me, probably – but still be the baby I grew. It’s an incredibly amazing thing to try and wrap the mind around.

    1. Thanks Candice! “Pinched” is the PERFECT word for those pants!! Thank you though and I do love the term NSV. It can be choosing fruit over fries; working out instead of lounging; or (for a gym rat) choosing rest over exercise. All of those are possible NSVs.

      Isn’t it mind-blowing? I still kind of can’t believe she’s real.

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