Breathe …

I feel like tomorrow is the first day of school all over again, or that I’m starting a new job. In all actuality, since my entire office was renovated, it will be in many ways like a new job because I won’t know where any of my friends sit or even where my own new cufice is … and though I’ve been in the know, having been out of the work environment, I think it will no doubt be a challenging day (if not few weeks!)

I have a bunch of photos and a new photo calendar ready to decorate with and so I will have a little piece of Maya with me at all times … and I will likely rush home as as possible each day now with a purpose … the job of mommy never ends!!

In positive news, for the past week she’s been sleeping through the night …  Seven, eight, ten hours … so I’m HOPING she can do it again tonight for us!!!

Truly, I cannot believe three months have passed … and I just have to breathe and keep in mind that everything will be allllllll right.

Thank you for all the incredible support!


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