Flying Solo

My husband is an engineer during the day and an MBA student at night who regularly travels 90 miles to and from Ann Arbor twice a week for class.

It’s kind of insane, but totally worth it. We’re hoping his MBA will give us new opportunities to explore as a family — but I’m not gonna lie … it’s a sacrifice on many levels.

He misses a lot of fun social events and spends a lot of time studying, on group conference calls, and preparing presentations. It’s been hard on me not having him around as much as I’d have liked the past few years, but he graduates this December so we can finally see the light.

We knew having a baby while he’s still in school would not be easy. So without me even suggesting it, he opted to just take one course this semester (so he could be home more with me and Maya) and then do this week-long class in Washington, D.C. that would be the same amount of credits as a usual class. This sounded like a genius idea at the time.

Until this week, when it wasn’t.

You see, this is the week he’s gone … and I feel completely overwhelmed. I’m not pulling my hair out yet — I’m hanging in there — but it hasn’t been a walk in the park, that’s for sure. Fortunately, my mom is coming Wednesday night to spend the night (the beauty of her contract position being in Indiana now!) … but it’s still a long way til Saturday evening when he gets home.

Caring for both Maya and Rocco is, to put it mildly, exhausting on my own. I have a new-found appreciation for single mothers … the thought of doing all this all day every day is enough to make me want to scream! Maya’s a pretty good baby, but there’s no breather if there’s no one to help share the responsibilities that come with a baby and a puppy. Let’s just say I’ll be VERY grateful for my hubby to come home this weekend!

In the meantime, I’m trying to just steer clear of emotional eating this week (something I still struggle with from time to time) –– just because I’m stressed does not mean I need to cure my feelings with food.

How about you? What are some of your best strategies for avoiding emotional eating?



11 thoughts on “Flying Solo

  1. You and I are in the same boat! I’ve been flying solo with a toddler for nearly two weeks now (with a 3-day break, which involved flying with a toddler – now that was fun :). It’s equally exhausting, but in different ways. I’m probably getting more sleep than you, but I spend the days chasing after him, making me miss when he was immobile! I agree with you, I have no idea how single moms do it. Especially when they’re sick. How do you take care of a kid by yourself when you’re sick? I have no idea.

    Hang in there 🙂

  2. Oh, man, I can’t imagine how overwhelmed you must feel! Take care and hang in there – I’ll be rooting for you! 🙂

  3. Sorry to hear you’re feeling overwhelmed but I know where that appreciation of single mothers comes from! If you need a babysitter, just shout. 🙂

    I’ve been struggling with emotional eating lately, just with so much going on. I just have to buck up each day and remind myself why its not worth it. Its so hard when you’re in that moment and that little bit of whatever it is will help but, as you know, its only temporary.

    Good luck until tomorrow night!

  4. You’re so brave being home alone with an infant. It is SUCH hard work, and I’m happy to hear you will be getting some reinforcement.

    In terms of emotional eating, it might help to think of this in terms of a challenge or obstacle course. You’re really being put to the test, and your success will really show how dedicated you are to living free of disordered eating. If you can handle a baby full-time AND resist emotional eating, you have truly passed a major life test with flying colors!

    You can do it, and I am sure I am speaking on behalf of many readers when I say I have TOTAL faith in you.

  5. i can only imagine how you’re feeling right now. I just had a baby in January and i’m still on maternity leave. my husband leaves the house around 7:30AM and doesn’t come home until after 7PM and i totally get overwhelmed so i can feel your pain if i had to go a couple of days solo…

    re: emotional eating, sometimes when i feel the urge coming surfing the web helps to steer me away from eating something i shouldn’t be eating..

    1. Thanks Cassie! Congrats, BTW! Yea,that’s my usual day situation (same time frame) but I don’t usually have to do the nights alone … and my mom was only here one night (though I was super-grateful for it!) and now I have tonight, tomorrow and all of Sat. before he gets home. I miss him a lot, too!!

      Good idea, about web surfing–I haven’t had time to do much of that, but it’s a good idea!

  6. You have to let some things slide. Leave the laundry, use paper plates…whatever helps you have some downtime. You NEED to have some time every day when you can decompress, even if all you do is lie on your living room floor and do nothing.

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