Two Months!!

I can’t believe it, but Maya is two months old today! We had her 2-mth well-baby visit and this one included a whole slew of immunizations and let me just say, it was more painful for me and my husband than it probably was for Maya!

I’m really pleased to say she gained 2 lbs and grew 2 inches — so now she’s 9 lbs 11 oz and 21.75 inches long!

Some of her newborn outfits are getting snug, but she’s swimming in the 3-month outfits.

All in all, she’s growing beautifully though and went from the 5th percentile at birth to the 10th percentile at her 1-month visit and now, she’s in the 25th percentile (for height, weight and head circumference). She just is on the petite side, and there’s nothing wrong with it. Between nursing, pumping and supplementing formula, she’s getting what she needs and, ultimately, it’s all that matters.

This month we’ve seen a lot of changes and see her little personality come out. She’s QUITE determined when it comes to lifting her neck and I’m thinking she’ll be quite opinionated, just based on her chatter (er, gibberish!) thus far 😉

She gets more fun each and every day, and it’s killing me the thought of going back to work. I mean, I have to and will … and I love my job … I just wish I could take a year or two off 😉 What new mom doesn’t experience this struggle though,  right?

Anyway, sorry I’ve been bad with blogging lately … we’re trying hard to get her on a more regimented feeding/sleeping schedule before I go back to work and it hasn’t been easy. She’s sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches, but we really want her to be sleeping 5-6 hours at this point. Le sigh. Everyone says til they’re 10-11 lbs, they really physically need that 3-4 AM feeding …but hopefully soon she’ll be sleeping in longer stretches.

Til then, we’ll just keep on keeping on. I have three more weeks of maternity leave and intend to make the most of them, spending as much snuggle-time with my munchkin as I can! I feel like it’s just now I’m finally getting into the mommy groove … only to have it thwarted with daycare, etc. Oy vey.

Hope everyone is doing well. My Google reader is so full and I have not been able to even glance at it so blogging amigas, please know I love you and promise to catch up soon!!!

PS–Here’s a link to the amazing newborn photos Staci took for us!


5 thoughts on “Two Months!!

  1. Your friend is a very talented photographer! I really wish we would have had some professional pix done when Liam was a newborn.

    I adjusted really well to going back to work. I think you will really appreciate the adult conversation and the ability to eat lunch in peace 🙂

    1. Thank you! I’ll make sure she sees this 🙂 She is doing lots more work these days so if you’re interested, I can hook you up. She’s done shoots on the east side 🙂

      I hope so … not feeling so excited about it now!

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