Post-Partum Jeans Shopping: Dressing for the Here & Now

A long time ago, I wrote a post at WeAretheRealDeal called “Dressing for Me” that I revisited tonight.

You see, in October 2009, I finally came to terms with no longer being a size 8 (at least not in pants).

That month, I bought my first post-WW pair of size 10s, a blow to my former size-6’s ego. Though I still fit into some size 8s in my closet, I was definitely squeezing myself into them … and it wasn’t pretty. I knew needed to buy a size up and so, as I described in that post, I bit the bullet. The world did not come crashing down, no one judged me and life carried on.

Then came pregnancy.I didn’t gain a ton of weight (25 lbs total) but my body definitely changed.

I started off in maternity 10s … but eventually needed to buy 12s. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a 12, it was a little upsetting at the time because it was my pre-WW size, a size I didn’t expect to see again.

I’d always figured post-baby I’d be able to get back into my favorite size 30 Joe’s jeans … eventually. So I really wasn’t too worried and even these past eight weeks, in spite of journaling, I have not given weight loss a real effort.

And it shows.

Hence the reason I haven’t even gone near my jeans; I know they won’t fit and don’t want to be discouraged. But I also know (comfy as they are!) I can’t wear maternity jeans forever. After I wear them for an hour, they’re sagging in the back and butt … and I don’t have a belly to hold up the panel so they just look funny.

Which is why I found myself today on the hunt for a pair of inexpensive, cute, stylish jeans that wouldn’t break the bank and would transition well into spring — regardless of if I lose the rest of the baby weight (and then some) or not.

At Old Navy, I pondered the expansive wall of jeans. I’ve never bought jeans at Old Navy (except maternity jeans) and had no idea how they ran … but I figured I’d err on the side of caution and grabbed a 12, hoping they’d be loose but expecting them to fit.

And fit they did. They were not low-rise, so they didn’t bother my incision mark (major plus!). And the length was perfect for my low-heeled tall boots (which I wear most of the time). So I bought them without giving it a second thought.

The truth is, I knew I couldn’t shop for the body I want; I had to shop for the body I have … now, in this moment. And if, in a few months, they’re loose … all the better. But if they aren’t, at least I’ll have a pair of jeans that fit me well and have a zipper 😉

[Plus, I had a coupon for 35% off, so the pair came to a whopping $23. A far cry from my former days of $150 jeans!]

The moral of the story is I viewed this experience in a very matter-of-fact, emotion-less manner … totally unlike me. I’m not going to lie and say I was completely unaffected seeing what size I needed to buy, but it’s my current reality and there’s no denying it.

That’s what embracing the here and now is about. The rest will come in due time.



10 thoughts on “Post-Partum Jeans Shopping: Dressing for the Here & Now

  1. Love this post. And we are so alike sometimes so I won’t even tell you that you look great right now. Because if someone told me that, I’d be thinking…Yes that’s true…but….lol Anyway, it is true!

  2. This post could not have come at a better time. I am 6 weeks post partum and do not fit into my prepregnancy jeans. I wear sweats and yoga pants every day and feel like a frump. I need to go buy a pair or 2 of jeans to get me through until I fit in my prepregnancy pants, if that does indeed happen. I want to feel good about myself and sweats do not do this. Thank you for reminding me to shop for the body I have now. That body did a wonderful thing and who am I to punish it.

  3. Yay for you for embracing your body. I remember having to buy new clothes after I overcame my eating disorder. My body is just not built to be tiny. Everytime you put on your clothes think of Maya. She is so beautiful and so are you!! Girl, if I looked like you after just having a baby or even just looked like you, I’d be happy. Your beauty shines on the inside and out!!

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