Sorry I haven’t been blogging, but Maya and I are in New Jersey visiting my family.

Because of the awful storms expected in the Midwest and the on the East Coast, my dad (“Weatherman Steve,” as we all call him ;)) suggested I switch my flight to Monday instead of Tuesday (realizing tons of flights Tuesday would be canceled and I might not get out for days).

It was a bit stressful (to say the least) to pack Maya and myself and change flights and tears were shed … but my mom helped from NJ with the flights while I packed, and hubby left work early to drive us to the airport.

And it was fortunate we did switch flights because Tuesday’s flight was, indeed, canceled!

I’ll be honest, it’s kind of a big deal to get on a plane with a six-week old baby … and I was definitely nervous. But she slept like a baby and was a little angel (hoping for the same experience tomorrow when we go back!). I was really proud of her–and of me for doing it solo!

This week was the only week my mom had off in between contract positions and my sister also took off work. It’s my maternity leave, and I never have the opportunity to come home for more than a weekend. Actually, this is the longest I’ve been home since college, so it’s kind of amazing!

It’s been a wonderful trip, and I’ve loved seeing my family and friends meet Maya!

Now seven weeks old, she has hit several new milestones just this past week!! She is genuinely smiling (not because of  gas!), grabbing things more and more, making eye contact when we come and go/move objects in front of her, and lifting her neck and holding it up from a laying-on-tummy-position (she’s been doing it when laying on our chests for a while). It’s been incredible!!

I will miss my family a ton … I always do! But it will be good to go home tomorrow to my husband and Rocco and more of a routine. I only have five more weeks of maternity leave — yikes!!

Anyway, hope all my readers are doing well–I’ll be back early next week!


One thought on “Hello!

  1. Thanks for sharing that great story! And people say East Coasters aren’t nice…:)

    The first time I flew with Liam was a nightmare, but he was already 9.5 months old. Everything that could have gone wrong did (delayed flight, TSA spilled two of our bottles, missed naptime) and he screamed the entire. way. (Luckily it was only from BWI to Detroit…so not a long flight.) And the screams of an almost-toddler are worse than the screams of a little newborn. People glared at us the entire way, even though there was nothing we could do about it.

    We flew with him again at 15 months and it went so much smoother. Still, traveling with a little one is tough!

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