30 Minutes of Heaven

Boo-yea, I’ve still got it!

Sure, I’m not in the same shape I was in pre-pregnancy, and I’m definitely carrying extra weight at the moment but holy hell, I’ve still got it!

Today I got the green light to exercise at my 6-week check-up (and was told my scar is healing perfectly! YAY!).  As soon as my husband got home from work, I booked it to the gym. I did a half hour on the Precor with arms and from the moment I stepped on the machine, I felt “home.”


I realize that sounds ridiculous–even dangerous, coming from a former over-exerciser. But there was no desire on my part to do more than 30 minutes or even push myself in the future … I just wanted to MOVE. And I have no worries about going down that path again. Awareness is half the battle; the other half is action — or in my case, INaction.

I wore my heart rate monitor and I was a little bummed to see my heart rate was much higher than normal, which for me means out of shape (even when I’m in really good shape, it doesn’t get over 150-155 with a hard workout,with 140 being my usual reading). That said, surprisingly, I’m still in pretty good cardiovascular condition. I was never really out of breath — a far cry from the end of my pregnancy when it was so hard to work out. My legs didn’t feel like lead. My arms didn’t feel flabby. I felt strong, empowered.

And for those 30 minutes, I was just “Melissa” again.

Of course, the moment I got home I swooped Maya into my arms … but for those mere 30 minutes, I felt like my old self. And I have to say, it was kind of nice. I’m not sure how I’ll work out once I’m back at work — maybe AM workouts post-feedings/before work … who knows.

All I do know is, tonight–that workout was exactly what I needed.


5 thoughts on “30 Minutes of Heaven

  1. Hurray!!!! Oh I can so relate. I’m still able to work out but 29 weeks with twins? Even if I’m doing great, my days are numbered. I know I will have to go without too. Man I know what you mean. I just like to move!

  2. Ah yes, I specifically remember that feelling of the first workout after a c-section. After my 2nd it was a gym trip and after my 3rd it was a run and it was like….I’m baaaaaaack 🙂 enjoy the endorphins! (don’t remember the workout after my 1st since–too long ago, haha)

  3. YAY, Melissa!!! I am so, so happy for you! I know how much this meant to you, yet your outlook seems so healthy and rational. I know how important it is for mamas to work out JUST for the much needed time they get for themselves. You truly deserve it! 🙂

  4. exercise is way overrated in my opinion, a few short hard sessions a week and be done with it. the body changes and adapts to the short bursts when you arent doing anything, and especially when sleeping!

  5. Hi there Melissa.

    I’m working for MTV’s documentary series True Life on an episode about Exercise Addiction (and Exercise Bulimia) to shed some light on the afflictions. I’m looking for someone to tell their story, who is still pretty much in the mix of dealing with over exercising (whether they know it or not) and though you are over the sink of it (and congratulations, definitely), I wanted to see if I could speak to you more about the topic.

    You can email me at truelifeproducer@gmail.com and I can put you through to my mtvn contact address.

    Thanks. And hope to speak to you.


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