Pink’s New Video

I don’t have a new post for today but wanted to share MamaVision’s awesome post about Pink’s incredible and timely video “F***in Perfect” (sorry, that’s the title). (The link also includes Pink’s commentary about the video which I strongly recommend reading).

I watched the video for the first time this afternoon, with almost six-weeks-old Maya snuggled in my arms — and I just started to cry. I hope to do everything I can to show her that she’ll be loved no matter what and that she’s perfect in my eyes–but I know what kids these days are up against … and I do worry about the future.

Let me know what you think and Heather–fabulous post, thanks for sharing!


4 thoughts on “Pink’s New Video

  1. This is what I love about Pink – she’s not only talented but she’s REAL and she doesn’t apologize for it. Her songs always carry such a strong and often heavy message but to her point, it’s her intention to get people talking about these very real and sad issues. I love the song and what Pink stands for. And like you, that song moves me everytime I hear it.

  2. Thank you for that link. My blog reading time is when I am nursing the baby. I watched the video as I was holding my second daughter and nursing her. Tears are streaming down my face when I think of either one of my little girls ever feeling bad about themselves. After dealing with eating disorders myself for the last 13 years and never feeling “good enough” it scares me to to death that my girls may feel that way about themselves some day.

    I need to go find an edited version of that song so I can listen to it with my 4 year old around 🙂

  3. gosh i teared up too lissa. hard to watch, but…yah. good.

    my only fear with this kind of stuff is a young girl “romanticizing” these issues. “If I [insert destructive behavior here], I’ll be famous and beautiful and popular someday…just like Pink.” just a thought, and not saying it shouldn’t be out there like this. just a thought is all.

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