First Solo Trip!

Today was my first solo trip out alone with Maya. We didn’t go far–just downtown to meet some of my girlfriends for lunch at my favorite local restaurant–but it sure felt pretty monumental!

I had made sure the diaper bag was amply packed (including a change of clothes!) last night. I had pumped breast milk this morning so I had food on hand just in case she got hungry/lunch went late/we ended up running unplanned errands. And I had remembered her soothing seahorse toy before we left.

I fed her and changed her, buckled her in the infant carrier, and snapped it into the car seat base. I backed out of the driveway literally going 3 mph, and then headed out.

I drove at a snail’s pace the whole way there, but all in all, it was a great experience and one I couldn’t wait to have after not being able to drive for 2+ weeks!! I never realized how much I missed that freedom to just get up and go. And while leaving the house requires muuuuch more forethought now … it wasn’t so bad … though I did have sonic ears and heard every little sound she made and nearly pulled over to check on her multiple times! 😉

She sat quietly during lunch, which was awesome  because I was worried about her skootching.

I’d wanted to run into Target after lunch, but the little miss needed to eat and needed to be changed and I didn’t feel comfortable changing her outside of the home just yet, so we headed home and she enjoyed her swing (<– see today’s pic). I figure Target can wait til tomorrow.

(As a perpetual list-maker and task-creator, I’ve found that I still like to have definitive things to accomplish each day at home — so I’ve been giving myself a few (small) items with no real time-line so I feel a sense of accomplishment.)

I give my SAHM friends a TON of credit, because this is, quite possibly, the toughest and most thankless job ever … it’s a job you’ll never get paid for, never get a raise for … yet it’s the most rewarding and fulfilling. I feel really blessed to have this time home with her!

How about you? Any moms have any tips for leaving the house?






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