Post-Partum Weight Check-In

So you probably guessed a post like this was coming. I mean, I experienced pregnancy from a recovering disordered eater perspective and I think all in all, I did a great job gaining what I needed to gain for Maya’s growth and development… but it’d be kind of nutty for me NOT to mention how I’m feeling from a body image perspective.

And the funny truth is … I have never felt better! OK, a little lie … I felt amazing at my goal weight … but this is a whole new kind of incredible. My body made a baby! Grew a baby! Birthed a baby! I’m still kind of blown away every time I look at Maya and look into her deep blue eyes, wondering what she’s thinking (if anything).

So here’s the scoop in stats:

Weight gained during pregnancy: 25 lbs. (I ended up netting out at exactly a 25 lb gain)

Weight lost as of 10 days post-partum (yesterday): 15.8 lbs

Weight left to lose (to pre-preggo weight): 9.2 lbs


Weight left to lose (to get back to my comfortable weight): those 9.2 lbs to my pre-preggo weight plus 11.8 more lbs (20 lbs total)


Notice I deliberately separated those two last weights because if I don’t get back to my “comfortable weight” I’ll be fine with it … but it doesn’t hurt to have goals, either.

I’ve been amazed at how quickly my stomach returned to its usual state. While there’s surely extra weight and flesh on my hips right now, I’m not going anywhere near my pre-pregnancy clothes for a couple weeks at LEAST anyway due to the incision/scar situation (maternity jeans with the full panel are far more comfortable and there’s no reason to be frustrated with clothes not fitting now). So I’m not too worried about it; for all I know, I could get back down to my happy weight and still not have my clothes fit because pregnancy might have changed my body. But I’m not worrying about that now.

From the side, I feel pretty “thin” (dare I say that?!) and definitely don’t feel like only 11 days ago, I had a baby! I really think this is attributed to good pregnancy genes inherited from my mom (my pregnancy mirrored all three of hers) and staying fit, active and healthy during my pregnancy (and of course pre-pregnancy too).

While I admittedly still have a ways to go (those last 9.2 might take forever to come off, who knows!) … I don’t feel bloated or miserable or even chunky. I wouldn’t say I feel “sexy” yet — when you have a baby attached to your breast it’s hard to feel sexy! — but I definitely feel pretty good for being only 11 days out!!

I guess the moral of my story is: if you eat well, exercise and take care of yourself during pregnancy — even with a screwed up background like mine — you, too, might be surprised at how your body truly knows what to do … and I hope that is inspiring to someone!!!

(I might even take a bare belly pic — we’ll see!!)


6 thoughts on “Post-Partum Weight Check-In

  1. Just came across your blog tonight while looking up pregnancy/exercise/nutrition/weight gain. I’m 33.5 weeks with my second.

    Congrats on your daughter! Very impressive with your weight loss!

  2. I’m so, so, so, so proud of you. I can’t even begin to explain it. I so admire you. I’m not even where you are and I’m 4.75 years post-pregnancy. 🙂

  3. Yay! Good for you! If I had to guess, I would say that it won’t be hard for you to drop the rest of the weight. With a newborn, it’s pretty easy to not have time to eat (or at least that was my experience). And I, too, simply marvel at my body’s abilities now in a way I never did before, even at my most fit (when I often marveled at what I could accomplish once I got in shape). And now that Nate is older and so full of personality, I definitely look at him often and marvel, “I built that??” 🙂

  4. Oh, Melissa, I love your attitude about all of this! It gives me hope that one day, when I have children, I’ll be able to put my disordered eating in the past, too. It truly IS amazing what womens’ bodies can do in making and birthing a baby. I mean, a human growing inside of you?! I can’t even imagine how wonderful that must feel.

    You seem so incredibly content and happy, as a lot of new moms I have observed seem to be. Little Maya is so lucky to have an incredible mother and role model like you.

  5. How cool. That is a major accomplishment to feel the way you do, post-pregnancy. I love to hear how far you’ve progressed, it’s such an inspiration. You should totally write a book, just sayin 😉

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