Side by Side — Check Out Maya’s (In Utero) Growth!

Warning: bare belly pics below the jump; if these gross you out ignore today’s post! I am 9 months pregnant and this is a real belly–not what you see in magazines. This is called 25.6 extra lbs of baby love 🙂

This is me at 14 weeks back in July … and this is me at 39 weeks taken just today! My, what a difference two trimesters makes 😉

(Sorry the iPhone camera took such a crappy picture this morning!)

It’s wild to see how big I am now, compared to how (comparatively speaking) flat my tummy used to be back then, when I was just beginning to show and needed to put away my Joe’s jeans in place of more comfy maternity jeans.

14 Weeks
39 Weeks (December)

So now we’re down to two days. Today was my last day at work and it was insanely busy, tying up loose ends. My boss took me out for a lovely lunch but other than that break in the day, it was go-go-go all day!

Tomorrow, I plan to sleep in a smidge, get an oil change and a pedi, have lunch with a dear friend, and then hopefully my hubby will get out of work a little early so we can have dinner together and enjoy our last night as just a couple. Then around 9, my mom will get into town and will stop by before heading to the hotel.

Then … at 6:30 AM Saturday, it’s go-time!! I’m scheduled for 8:30 AM but we need to be at the hospital two hours earlier. Since I hear new moms get no sleep (especially at the hospital with nurses coming in constantly), I hope to post a photo or something at some point … but who knows how chaotic things will be so bear with me! 🙂

Tomorrow morning will likely be my last leisurely, solitary, quiet shower for a looooong time and I plan to savor it!


11 thoughts on “Side by Side — Check Out Maya’s (In Utero) Growth!


    I will be thinking of you tomorrow on Maya’s and My birthday!!!! Wheee…..strap on your seat belt and hang on for the best ride of your life (um, having a daughter, not the c-section—but the c-section is FINE. Seriously)

  2. Melissa, you look BEAUTIFUL! I am so incredibly excited for you both! As much I as I feel I “know” you from your blog, I have no doubt in my mind that you will be a fantastic mother. Maya is incredibly lucky to have someone who is so understanding and patient, and who sets SUCH a great example. I’ll be thinking of you all this weekend and praying that all goes well, and can’t wait to see that first pic of your beautiful little girl! 🙂

  3. I’m just about to go to sleep tonight so I’ll send up a prayer for wisdom for the Dr/nurses, health for baby and for you, quick recovery, and REST for you. *HUG*!

  4. Just thinking about you – it’s Saturday morning and I’ll bet you’re holding that beautiful baby in your arms right now! 🙂

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