Sometimes You Gotta Have the Fries …

So since the beginning of my pregnancy I’ve craved a Jr. Arby’s roast beef-n-cheddar sandwich which is quite funny because the last time I had it I was 13 years old and preparing for my Bat Mitzvah (the only Arby’s nearby was in the same town as my synagogue). So honestly it has been a good 18 years or so!

I got my McDonald’s fix in July and was waiting for the right opportunity to indulge my other preggo craving.

Tonight was the night!

I sent my husband an e-mail at work about it and he was like, “Um, ok …” Or in his mind thinking, “Who the hell is this chick, and where is my wife?!” Talk about being a cheap date 😉 The last time we ate fast food together was probably in college or on a road trip early in our relationship!

When we got home, we took Rocco for a winter wonderland walk and then headed out for our romantic dinner for two. HA!

Unfortunately, I have no photographic evidence because we actually were so hungry we ate there and I didn’t want to whip out my iPhone at Arby’s, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

It was just OK. I ordered the kids’ size of the sandwich and curly fries so I could — moderately– get my fix, but my sandwich was cold (I had them add lettuce and tomato to give it a redeeming quality) and it didn’t taste as good as I remember … Yet, oddly, it was exactly what I needed.

This is the last weekend before we become parents, so I’m going to just soak it all in. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Gotta Have the Fries …

  1. Pumping as I type this thinking I could go for a beef ‘n cheddar right about now. If you thought pregnancy hunger was bad…just wait until you’re breast feeding. I’m starving all the time. Definitely need to finally get my Arby’s fix…although lately I’ve been dreaming of a Sonic Blast – specifically their new sugar cookie flavor. I don’t think you have Sonics in MI…probably a good thing. 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend Lissa! So excited for you guys!

    1. LOL–I hear that about nursing–the ravenous appetite!!! Go for it–or your Sonic craving. They have crushed ice which I LOVE!!! (We do have Sonic here–it opened last summer and hubby LOVES their fruit drinks–I’ve only gotten a Diet Coke there but sugar cookie anything sounds lovely!)

      Thank you! Squeeeeee so happy!

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