Just What the Doctor Ordered …

This weekend was wonderful. My mom, who is temporarily in Ohio for her job on a 4-month contract position, came to visit and we had a much-needed girls’ weekend. We went out to eat, got manicures, saw a movie, shared a delicious cupcake, gabbed and gabbed … it was, in a word, perfect. I *so* needed this time with her!

My mom is one of my best friends. And with her living in N.J. and me living in Michigan, all of our visits are with the whole family and usually for big occasions (family functions, holidays, etc.). And not that I don’t love and adore my dad, brother, sister — of course I do! — but sometimes you just need some mama-and-me time.

My husband had to go to Ann Arbor for school yesterday so he joined us for dinner, but it meant we had the whole day just us. It reminded both of us of the day before my wedding weekend began, when she and I had the day together, just us, before my life changed. Fast-forward four years, and now my life is about to change yet againand I’m so glad we had the time together before the next chapter of my life begins.

She loved the nursery and this was the first time she got to meet Rocco! I was really sad to see her leave this afternoon (after we made my great-grandma’s special chicken soup — Jewish penicillin!) but knowing I’ll see her when Maya is born–and then after that, my whole family will come for New Year’s — it made the goodbye a little more bearable. It’s going to be so hard being so far from her and my dad when Maya is here, but hopefully we’ll be able to visit lots.

I feel pretty calm right now … surprising since in less than 13 days I will be a mom!!

It’s snowing here in Michigan and looks beautiful … it compelled me to play “Snow” by Grey Eye Glances, an old song from my college days that I just can’t get enough of, especially in the winter-time. (You can listen to it here).

Anyway, wishing everyone a great week ahead! Please say a prayer that Maya doesn’t decide to come early–my OB is on vacation this week!!! EEKS!



2 thoughts on “Just What the Doctor Ordered …

  1. This was a beautiful post – sharing these “Pre-change of life” events with you is very special to me as well Melis. I believe you will want to do the same with Maya. xoxo

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