A Compliment Can Make Your Day

I’ve run the gamut in terms of body image throughout this pregnancy: from feeling like I didn’t look pregnant “enough” the first two trimesters (where I was told by my doctor to gain more weight) to pooking out (successful weight gain/baby growth spurt, woot!) to now,  being at the place where I generally feel big … in that last-month-of-pregnancy-way that women who have been there before can surely relate.

Naturally, with the extra weight I’m carrying, I’m fleshier, have a very round belly and no waist … those things are a given and I accept them because I know why they are happening; it’s for Maya!

But it’s been a long, long time since I have felt “big” and it’s kind of a weird feeling — especially because at this point, my body doesn’t feel like it’s my own. Sleeping is becoming more and more difficult. Rolling out of bed is a process, an art … and a sight to see! Getting dressed in the morning is a joke as I wiggle and wriggle into things. And even my size Large non-pregnancy yoga pants and jammies (which were always loose and comfy before) now fit around me like sausage casings.

So a compliment I received at this gym yesterday morning totally made my day.

(Note: I have not been going to the gym regularly the past few weeks; only on days where I really felt good — don’t worry; I am respecting my body!!!)

One of the trainers/instructors — who I had never really had an opportunity to chat with before — came up to me in the bathroom after our workouts today to congratulate me and tell me how “incredible” I look. She couldn’t believe I’m due in just three weeks and said how it’s clearly all in my belly region; that the rest of me doesn’t look different (I beg to differ, but she sees me fully clothed at the gym, not post-shower!).

Anyway, she said she only figured I was pregnant recently because I was reading baby magazines, and had been “looking miserable” when working out for a while there 😉 (Totally true–I kept having to stop and pee for the first few months and she and I tend to be at the gym at the same time so she noticed). She shared how miserable it was for her towards the end with her daughter, and how staying active during pregnancy is the best thing for mom and baby — which I strongly believe.

You hear so often about women body-snarking one another, and this was one of those refreshing moments where a woman dished out a compliment to another woman. And, being on the receiving end of the compliment was a great feeling.

It’s as my friend has often said to me reassuringly throughout my pregnancy as my body image insecurities have ebbed and flowed: “Your body is doing what it needs to do.” In other words, it’s gaining what it needs to for Maya, and probably not much else–and that’s OK!

This doesn’t mean I think it will be easy to lose the baby weight… but I do believe that being active throughout my pregnancy can only do good things for my post-baby recovery and for Maya. In fact, in one of my pregnancy magazines, I read that when a mom exercises regularly during pregnancy, her baby tends to be a better sleeper out of the womb!!! So … we’ll see!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! Mine has been awesome — lots of much-needed quality time at home with the hubby and Rocco. I feel well-rested and *almost* ready to face a full work-week. (OK, totally not true! I’d love another day or two ;))

On that note, I’m off to the gym this morning while I still feel good. I’m feeling truly blessed that, with less than three weeks to go, my body is still feeling OK enough to move!! Thank you, body!!!


9 thoughts on “A Compliment Can Make Your Day

  1. Isn’t it sad that as women, we are surprised when we receive a compliment from another woman? Crazy, right? I LOVE that she came up to you and proactively gave you such a great compliment even though you hadn’t really spoken to one another before. Probably made it feel that much more of a great compliment, huh? And PS. Awesome on the Dec 18 date, so exciting to have “the” date in mind now, huh??

  2. Somehow this reposted to my Reader this morning and I did not see the date on the post until I went back and read through a few entries to see when you announced your second pregnancy! I came here to congratulate you, but instead got a laugh 🙂

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