December 18!

I had my OB appointment this morning and everything checked out good: good uterus measurements, good strong heart beat, good weight gain.

My doctor agreed with perinatology’s recommendation for a scheduled C-section; he said this is a unique situation, what with her size and the nuchal cord … and I know he wouldn’t recommend this procedure unless he stood firmly behind it (I’ve said before, he’s very pro-natural birth so for him to be recommending the C-section means it isn’t without justification).

This isn’t a matter of convenience for the doctor or for the mother, as you hear about all too often today … and I think I need to stop feeling hung up on that. In my case, it’s a medical recommendation. As my husband keeps reminding me: this delivery method is safer/less-risky for her health and well-being. While he doesn’t exactly love the idea of surgery (i.e., me being cut open) either, he recognizes the need and I’m coming to terms with it, myself.

That said, I’m scared. I never envisioned a natural, drug-free birth anyway, but still … surgery is surgery! So I voiced my concerns: going under the knife, getting a spinal, risks associated with a C-section, etc., and he was very reassuring and comforting and helped alleviate some of my fears. I also liked knowing he was a big advocate of skin-to-skin contact even while I’m being sewn up (provided she is breathing OK, etc.) and said I could try to nurse once I’m in recovery. Definitely reassuring.

And while I have never had surgery, I have several friends (some blog readers, even!) who recently have had C-sections and I know more or less what happens in the procedure — which helps put things into perspective.

Anyway, at the end of the appointment, I was told to pick a date that week of December 13-18 (39 weeks).Wow, pick her birth day?! That’s kind of a big responsibility, no?!

Now, granted, she could come at any time — and lord knows what happens to the best-laid plans … but for scheduling sake, we did choose a date: December 18 (8:30 AM). Why December 18? Well, for a couple reasons.

First, and most obviously, it’s the last possible date in the 39th week (i.e., more time for Maya to bake!). Second, there’s deep-rooted Jewish symbolism with the number 18, which means “life.” (Our wedding anniversary is November 18, and we like even numbers — no, we’re not weird!).

Another major plus: my mom (who would come no matter what/when) would be able to be there for the birth without having to take time off from work (she’s at a contract position in Ohio for the next two months where she goes home to NJ on the weekends) — and then she and my dad will come for the long New Years’ Eve break once we’re home and settled.

I’ll be honest; we were rather surprised my OB was OK with the suggestion of a Saturday morning procedure, but he was all for it — he admitted he has a couple high-risk surgeries scheduled for earlier that week and would appreciate having us to look forward to that Saturday!! πŸ™‚

So … unless she comes on her own, December 18 it will be! We’d prefer if she waits until then to make her grand appearance — are you listening, baby?! πŸ™‚

On a lighter note, I have so, so, so much to be thankful for that it almost feels clichΓ© to mention it … but it’s the truth!!! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday surrounded by family and friends and other loved ones! This is our first Thanksgiving with Rocco, so that has a special ring to it πŸ™‚

Enjoy and thanks for reading and commenting! Your support particularly over the last few months has been amazing. Thank you!


11 thoughts on “December 18!

  1. Mazel tov!!! I love that you picked a Chai date… and Maya, you better listen to your mama and stay in there until then!!! Happy thanksgiving my friend!

  2. Well, I’m very excited for you! Like I said before, if I have another child I’ll be having a scheduled c-section due to my broken tailbone, and I sort of love the idea of picking a birthday. πŸ™‚

  3. I love the meaning behind the date choice! I didn’t get to choose Nate’s c-section date, but it ended up being 5/10/10 which I love and probably would have chosen anyway.

    You know, until you mentioned it, I had forgotten about the spinal. LOL Not that it wasn’t a big deal (it totally sucked) but it’s true what they say – everything that happens in the first few months with your baby make that birth day fade away until you only remember the joy of meeting your little one.

    Don’t go crazy justifying you c-section to others. I was in the same exact situation – very pro-natural birth dr recommending a c-section because of my/Nate’s unique situation – and I still drive myself crazy explaining to people it wasn’t one of “those convenience” c-sections. Your doctor sounds wonderful (I nursed in recovery, too!) and I think you should feel very confident in all of this.

    Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for this year.

    1. I love Nate’s birthday too!! πŸ™‚ See, I’ve heard the spinal is “nothing” and “it’s horrible” so I have no clue what to expect. But I hope it fades πŸ˜‰

      I think that’s exactly the problem–you hear about a woman getting a C and assume (however wrongly) that it’s elective because that’s what we hear! But in our cases, it’s not elective. Not gonna lie–I like knowing that even if she comes early, this is the method we will be doing (vs laboring and THEN needing one anyway) but it’s still major surgery and, yes, very scary! And yes, I love my doc! Hoping she does not come early b/c he’s on va-k Dec 3-13 (he has like 5 of us due the next two weeks after his va-k!, hence his timing for his trip! He’s got his own practice so I’m seriously praying she stays tight til her date!)

      So much, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

  4. Excellent day to have a baby! That’s also MY birth day (well, 42 years ago). I was able to pick my 3rd daughter’s c-section date and that was fun and a great story to tell for years so I’m happy for you. I agree, doctors do c-sections for a reason so let any guilt you may have go *poof* !

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