Tummy Love

So I wanted to share this photo with you all!

My amazing artistic friend Staci did a maternity photo shoot with me yesterday. It was freezing cold out, but I barely felt it, as I was so excited to be doing something fun and different! We took a ton of pics (some of me solo, some with my husband who is not quite as into photographs as me ;)) but this pic was her photo of the day (she’s doing an awesome Project 365 photo journalism project for her 30th year on earth–love the concept!).

I have to say, I felt pretty awesome during the shoot. I’m quite literally the biggest I’ve ever been in my entire life (with good reason!), and yet I felt like a million bucks as we went through the shoot. Heck, we even took some belly pics!! That’s kind of a big deal, ya know?!?! Once I have some more to share I will, but this one was def. a front-runner. Can’t wait to see the rest!

Thank you again, Stac! 🙂

On another note … this week has felt quite eternal … anyone else feeling the same way? But just knowing it’s Friday — and that I’m exactly one month out from my due date — gave me a huge sense of relief this morning. Eight months — whoa!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


12 thoughts on “Tummy Love

  1. I LOVE this picture!!!! I hate having my picture taken, so having a friend do my maternity pics was really helpful.

    My favorite part? Looking at those pics now and looking over at Nate and feeling like it was just so impossible that he was behind that big bump. It’s utterly surreal in this really beautiful, miraculous way (and I don’t say that kind of thing often).

    Enjoy your photos! To say this picture is stunning is an understatement. I hope you’ll share more of the pics. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Candice! I just loved knowing she is in there and soon will be here and can look at those pics and say, “I was in there!” I am sure it’s the most amazing feeling now with Nate!!!

      And I sure will–thank you! 🙂 I was super-hesitant about the color choice (b/c it’s so opposite what I typically wear — I never do brights!) and on the color wheel, the opposite of my red hair … but somehow, it looked cool all together with the scenery.

  2. LOVE the glow, LOVE the sparkle of pride in your eyes! Such an awesome way to always remember that feeling later. And to show your little one where she ‘lived” before she was born. AWESOME!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous – you, your bump, and the photo itself! Staci did an amazing job. She is SUCH a talented photographer!

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