On Presence

Today a quote came to me that just bears repeating: “The greatest gift in life is presence.”

All too often in my life, I’ve been accused (rightfully so) by family, friends, my husband of not being “in the moment.” Of thinking ten steps ahead, of being unable to just enjoy “being.” It’s not that I’m ever unhappy in a particular moment — more often than not, it’s been a subconscious thing, something I couldn’t really control … a sensation of wanting to know what’s next.

If there’s one thing this pregnancy has taught me, it’s about being “present.” Sometimes I’ll just lay down and watch my belly rise and fall, listening to my own breathing. When I’m at a doctor’s appointment or my non-stress tests where I get to hear her little heart-beat, it’s like the rest of the world stands still for a moment. It’s fleeting the way love (especially new love) is — only different. And, call me crazy, but almost better!?

I truly hope I can maintain this approach once baby Maya is here. Everyone says the first days, weeks, months fly by … and so I’ll need to remember to savor every moment. Even the difficult, scary, anxiety-riddled times … because I’m not crazy; parenthood is not going to be a piece of cake no matter how prepared we *think* we are.

All that being said, I’ve also been able to spend a lot more quality time with my husband this week/weekend. Since I’m not rushing to the gym and he’s unable to do much as he heals, we’ve been nesting and it’s been incredible. We’ve had a lot of fun putting together the nursery and had a date night, took a baby basics class, and hit the dog park (capped off with ice cream!). I felt present every step of the way … and it felt wonderful. Tonight he needs to study, and I hope to just sit here and rub my belly and tell Maya just how loved she is already!

How about you? Do you find yourself easily enjoying the present or are you someone who looks ten steps ahead? Where do you find that sweet spot?


3 thoughts on “On Presence

  1. When I look at life ahead, it starts to suck really fast, because it means I’m anxious. Practicing presence is HEYUGE for happiness! So cool to read your thoughts on presence and pregnancy Lissa!

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