Good News!!

So … the hubby does NOT need surgery! That was the best news of the day yesterday and let me tell you, we were both breathing huge sighs of relief! He’s in a giant boot and on crutches for the next three weeks (he sees the ortho doc again Nov 30 to check in) and the actual recovery process will still be a total of 4-6 weeks … but at least he doesn’t need surgery! We also managed to assemble the crib last night, so that was a huge relief off my shoulders.

(Everyone (except my mom) *says* I’ll want her in our room/in the pack ‘n play and that having the nursery ready doesn’t matter … but it does to me … mostly because we don’t know where we’ll want her to sleep yet. Much of parenting is going to be trial and error and what works for us might not be what works for someone else and vice versa — so it’s important to me that we have all our options covered).

I also had another non-stress test yesterday (at the same time as hubby’s appointment, actually, so that was kind of ironic–sitting there worried about his prognosis and all!) and it went well. My blood pressure is like ridiculously good and that always makes me happy. They had to jolt my belly again to make her move, but the nurse said that is pretty common because babies sleep most of the day and are not going to be “reactive” on command just because it’s my appointment slot.

Typically these tests will be M/Th but this week are Tues/Fri. I have to say, there’s something awesome about just laying back in the chair with the bands around my belly, listening to Maya’s heart-beat and just being “one” with her. I realize it probably sounds like crazy-talk, but trust me, it is comforting to me now. I almost didn’t want to leave, but I DO have a full-time job and needed to get back to work.

For the most part, I am feeling great … surprising since I have not worked out at all in almost two weeks (except for walks and one day at the gym) … but I’m honestly OK with it. I’m physically tired and don’t want to put any undue stress on my body right now. And as I’ve said before, I’m enjoying not “having” to go. I’m liking it being a conscious choice. I’ve never been a lazy person and don’t expect to become one — which I need to keep in mind — and I have a very legitimate reason for taking a break right now. The fact that I see this (and don’t view it as a problem!) is huge progress.

The only things that are really bothering me are my lower back, which just constantly feels pressure on it… and my bladder, which feels great pressure and constantly needs emptying. I swear, I’m in the bathroom every 10 minutes and in our temporary office space, I’m the absolute furthest spot from the bathroom — of which there are only TWO stalls for like 60 women and three of us are pregnant. 😦 I don’t want to raise the issue and be a PITA, but it’s getting increasingly harder to focus and while traditionally I’d welcome any extra added exercise … right now, it’s NOT my priority!

So that’s my update! Thanks for all the well-wishes … your good thoughts and prayers worked! Now we just need Maya to stay put til mid-December 🙂


8 thoughts on “Good News!!

  1. I have to say, I don’t miss all the sonograms I had to have. I was going crazy being at the doctor that frequently. I only had two of the non-stress tests in the final week, but they were stressful because it was hard for them to find his heartbeat because he was breech and so squished. So I literally was barely allowed to move at all the whole time I was in there (like, if I crossed or uncrossed my ankles, we’d lose the heartbeat on the monitor). Ugh.

    And I remember going to the bathroom what seemed like (and sometimes was) every 10-15 minutes. It sucks, but it just is what it is. Just hang in there and know this time is finite. You won’t always have to go to the bathroom this often. Soon enough you’ll be praying for time to GET to go to the bathroom. 🙂

    And here’s to hoping your little holiday treat stays put until her due date. 🙂

    1. Oh that sounds scary, Candice! I do worry when the HB goes away for a sec and you see a “?” on the monitor but since I FEEL her, I know she’s wiggling. Still, that has to be scary!!

      Yup, I’m hanging in there … it’s just frustrating b/c they keep telling me to drink more, so I do … but then I have to pee more. LOL about praying for time to GET to the bathroom 😉

      YES!! I like that 🙂

      1. I didn’t actually feel Nate that much. I would actually be AT the sonogram and the tech would say, “See, there he is! He’s moving like crazy, do you feel that?” and I’d be like, “Umm… sure” but I didn’t. :-/ I wonder sometimes if feeling so disconnected from so many aspects of the pregnancy is why it took me a while to get into the motherhood thing. I would only feel him for the big kicks and punches, not all the squirming/wriggling around.

        Yeah, it’s like you want to drink less so you pee less – but you know you have to drink more, so you do, but then you have to get up every 10/15 mins. It’s a vicious circle, but all worth it in the end. Consider the back and forth walks your exercise for each day. 🙂

      2. Yea, I imagine that would surely impact how you felt about the pregnancy. Fortunately, he’s here now and that’s what matters most.

        LOL … I guess so!

  2. Glad for the no surgery news Lissa! I appreciate and enjoy your baby/health updates, although I have to admit I don’t understand a lot of it. Either way, keep sharing, we are with you and sending up prayers and positive energy!

    1. Thanks, Clare! I def don’t want to bore my readers with medical stuff that’s irrelevant or hard to understand, so if you have any qs be sure to let me know! Since this is also where I’m keeping track of my pregnancy as a whole, though, some of it might be confusing. But thank you 🙂

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