Reframing …

So I *think* I figured out the purpose of this situation we’re in (with my hubby’s broken ankle). All it took was a little reframing, analyzing the situation from  outside myself.

What’s funny is I posted on Facebook about wondering where the silver lining is, and then a friend commented saying basically what I was thinking … that the purpose is to get us to slow down and give us some time together before Maya comes and life as we know it completely changes.

Today it was a bit hard to see the forest through the trees, but I think it’s going to be OK …also interesting, we both spent the entire day working from home, in our PJs, surrounded by pillows (some elevating his leg; some supporting my aching back). Maya was kicking and Rocco was a source of comfort. All things considered, it was kind of cozy and I got a lot done — probably more than I would have at the office, to be honest!

I did attempt the gym Sat. morning for a light workout but it didn’t last long because I cramped up on the elliptical and discovered that, at this stage of my pregnancy, even the bike was impossible and uncomfortable — the motion on the recumbant bike pushed the baby too close to my stomach. So Rocco and I took a walk … and I called it a day. And I think that might truly be it for traditional gym workouts for now …

What’s also interesting to note: no BH contractions today … probably because I literally did nothing except walk to the fridge/to let the dog out/use the bathroom! I think we both needed a wake-up call to slow down … and I am not going to push things physically. Trying to drink ,lots of water because that’s supposed to help and to just lay low tonight. I have another non-stress test tomorrow. (This week it’s Tues/Fri).

Thanks for the well-wishes on Facebook and e-mails; you all rock! This, too, shall pass …


4 thoughts on “Reframing …

  1. WOW! Such great perspective, or “reframing” of the situation as you so eloquently put it. So true, if you sit back and really think about certain situations, there is always something good that comes of even the most frustrating situations. Hang in there – I’m glad today ended up being a quasi-cozy day, Maya kicking and all 🙂

  2. Hey Lissa! Can you please tell me more about this PJ working thing? Oh, and the walking to the fridge part. That sounds like fun, too. ;p

    (xoxo to you and baby belly!)

    1. LOL. Trust me, you don’t want that!! I mean, any other day it would have been appealing but I wouldn’t wish our situation upon my worst enemy. <>

      🙂 Thanks! We’re getting there!

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