Growth Spurt!!

… So those 3 lbs I gained last week were for good cause — they resulted in a 3 cm growth of my uterus this week — so baby girl is right on track and, yes, growing! It made me feel so good, especially since at my last appointment I felt like a bit of a failure.

My doctor said I should grow about 8 more cm (I’m at 30 cm now and 30 weeks/4 days so exactly on target!) and thinks I’m on track to gain 25 total. (Today I was at a gain of 15.4 lbs on my scale, so down 0.2 from last week but still up 2.8 overall from the previous appointment, which was great).

I told him how when I exercise or even go for a long walk, I feel that tightening in my uterus — but he says it’s just Braxton-Hicks contractions and totally normal.

I haven’t done my 30-week bump shots but will tomorrow or Saturday. I’m stoked because one of my BFFs is getting married this weekend and I’m in the wedding and we get to wear saris–this is going to be THE most comfortable bridesmaid dress I’ve ever worn 😉

I’ll be honest — I feel myself slowing down a little … not pushing myself with my workouts, listening to my body more and more if I need rest, etc. I guess this is part of the deal at 7 mths!?! Whatever the case, I feel good and that’s what matters most.

Hoping you’re all doing well!



2 thoughts on “Growth Spurt!!

  1. Good for you! When I was in an ED treatment program, we had a weekly session called “Fear Foods”, where the staff brought in a different food every week and we ate it and discussed our feelings about the food, eating it, what it meant, etc. It was one of the most difficult parts of the program, but really helped us to start to think of food as energy and not something to be feared.

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